Celebrating more than 100 years of excellence!


From the ashes of the Great San Francisco Earthquake, Colbert Coldwell founds a real estate company – Tucker, Lynch & Coldwell – based on the principles of honesty, integrity and service.

San Francisco shakes off dust, talks business and rebuilds.

“Don’t Talk Earthquake. Talk Business.”
- Sign tacked to gutted building following 1906 Disaster
Photo of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake


National Association of Real Estate Exchanges, later called National Association of Realtors, is founded to promote “real estate interests”. A Code of Ethics is adopted five years later.

Time Fact Bureau of Investigation ­ later called The F.B.I. is established to combat cross-state lawlessness.

Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Arthur


Colbert Coldwell invites salesman Benjamin Arthur Banker to join his firm. Within a year the exceptionally industrious Banker is invited to become Coldwell’s partner.

Time FactThe Federal Reserve System is established to control credit and bring greater stability to the nation’s banking structure.

Time Fact1915

First long-distance telephone service is established between New York City and San Francisco.

Time Fact

Panama Canal is completed, cutting voyage time between California and the East Coast in half.


The recently renamed Coldwell, Cornwall & Banker grows bigger, moves to a three-story building at 128 Sutter Street, San Francisco.


Coldwell, Cornwall & Banker establishes a Southern California office in The Spring Arcade Building, Los Angeles.

Time FactHenry Ford’s innovations in automobile assembly bring the price of a Model T down to $290, from an original cost of $850 in 1908. 

Time Fact1927

Charles A. Lindbergh pilots his Spirit of St. Louis on a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, landing in Paris, France 33 hours after taking off from New York.

Time Fact1929

The Stock Market crashes,
sparking the Great Depression.

Time Fact1932

The Xth Summer Olympiad is held in Los Angeles.

Time Fact

The Federal Housing Administration is established, creating a form of mortgage insurance for homeowners.


Arthur Banker is named a Director of the San Francisco Real Estate Board. The company eyes opening a second office in Los Angeles.

Coldwell, Cornwall & Banker Office, 1937


Coldwell, Cornwall & Banker opens new offices in Wilshire and San Mateo, California, bringing the total to 7 offices in Northern and Southern California.

Time Fact1939

The Golden Gate Bridge opens in San Francisco.


Partner Bruce Cornwall resigns, company name changed to

Coldwell, Banker & Co.


The Coldwell Banker® brand’s agents join the war effort, while offices organize bond sales and blood drives.

Time Fact1945

World War II ends, and the post-war economic boom begins.


The Coldwell Banker® brand begins to play a major role in the development of large-scale, regional shopping centers.

Time Fact
Korean War begins with North Korean and later Chinese troops opposing United Nations forces.

Welcome to Fabulous Phoenix Arizona


The Coldwell Banker® brand opens its first office outside of California, as part of the Park Central Shopping Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Time Fact1956

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 500 for the first time.


New Coldwell Banker® offices in Arizona and Southern California are planned, as is a transfer from a Partnership into a Corporation.

Time Fact

The United States begins a slow but steady escalation of troops in Vietnam, a small Southeast Asian nation. The Vietnam war sparks impassioned opposition and social unrest.   

Time Fact1964

The Beatles arrive in New York.

Benjamin Arthur


Benjamin Arthur Banker, 80, dies in Oakland, California.


Founder Colbert Coldwell, 84, dies in San Francisco, California, having never ‘retired’ from working at Coldwell Banker®.

Colbert Coldwell


After fifty years as a partnership, and five as a privately held corporation, Coldwell Banker® became a publicly-traded company in November, 1968.

Time Fact

Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, widely admired for her style and grace, marries Aristotle Onassis, a wealthy Greek businessman.

Time Fact1969

NASA’s Apollo 11 mission lands on the moon.

Time Fact1972

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 1,000 for the first time.


Coldwell Banker®, having acquired major East Coast firms as part of a strategic expansion plan, fulfills Arthur Banker’s dream of real estate offices coast to coast.

Time Fact The United States of America Celebrates 200 Years.


Desiring to project a “stronger and bolder corporate image”, a new Coldwell Banker® logo is developed.

Time Fact

The United States Men’s Hockey Team, not thought to be a serious contender, upsets the Soviet Union and Finland to win the Gold Medal at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics.


The Coldwell Banker® brand becomes part of Sears, Roebuck & Co., along with Dean Witter and Allstate Insurance, to establish the Sears Financial Network.

Time Fact

A former actor, head of the Screen Actor’s Guild and Governor of California, Ronald Reagan begins his new job as the 40th President of the United States.

Time Fact1984

52 years after hosting the Xth Olympiad, Los Angeles puts on the Games of the XXXIIIth Olympiad.


The Coldwell Banker® brand offices are the first to offer comprehensive service guarantees to sellers. The companion buyer’s guarantee is introduced in 1992.

Time Fact

Christopher Reeve stars in the last of four Superman movies – Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Time Fact1990

First Persian Gulf War erupts after Iraq invades neighboring Kuwait, and ends with a U.S.-led coalition victory.


The Coldwell Banker® brand offices are the first to advocate and practice Seller Disclosure well before it was a legal requirement in some states. The organization’s leadership in this consumer-focused issue changed the practice of real estate in many markets.

Time Fact

After 3 decades of laughs, comedian Johnny Carson ends his thirty year run as the host of The Tonight Show.


California investment company The Fremont Group acquires Coldwell Banker® from Sears, Roebuck & Co. for $230 million.

Time Fact1995

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 5,000 for the first time.


HFS Inc., later Cendant, acquires Coldwell Banker®. Months later, the first international Coldwell Banker office opens in Toronto, Canada.

coldwellbanker.com goes live online, becoming the first website of a national real estate brand.


The coldwellbanker.com website – honored by Advertising Age magazine as “The Best National Real Estate Website” – launches one of the first, proactive online property search tools with the Personal Retriever® service.

Time Fact

Senator John Glenn, Jr. the first American to orbit the earth, decides to take another ride. In his 77th year, he boards the Space Shuttle Discovery for a 9-day flight, becoming the oldest person to fly in outer space.

Time Fact1999

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 10,000 for the first time.


The Coldwell Banker® system is the first national real estate organization to offer online listing proposals to home sellers through Personal Retriever® Seller Services.

Time Fact

The new millennium (which many say didn’t come until 2001) is heralded with parties, celebrations, and a global sigh of relief as ‘Y2K’ fears of mass computer meltdown vanish.



Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation is the only national residential real estate organization selected by the National Concierge Association (NCA), to receive prestigious membership affiliation for its Coldwell Banker Concierge® programs.

Time Fact

Salt Lake City hosts the XIXth Winter Olympic Games

Time Fact2003

The second Persian Gulf War is launched by the U.S. led forces.


The Coldwell Banker® brand – the nation’s premier real estate network – celebrates its first 100 years by reaffirming the founding principles of honesty, integrity and service, and by promoting the construction of 100 new homes for Habitat for Humanity® by the end of the year.

Celebrating 100 years alt="Overlay_2006">

A century ago, while others saw ruin, Colbert Coldwell saw opportunity and started a company determined to succeed by treating customers fairly, ethically and professionally.

As strong a foundation for the first 100 years as it will be for the next.

Time Fact2007

Apple Inc CEO, Steve Jobs announces the iPhone.

In 2007 Coldwell Banker became the first national real estate company to offer its listings on a mobile GPS device and the first national real estate brand to configure its website for use by mobile users.

Time Fact2008

Barack Obama becomes the first African-American to be elected President of the United States


Coldwell Banker launched its YouTube channel, Coldwell Banker On Location, the first branded YouTube channel to use dynamic IP lookup to search for videos, which automatically serves up local results.


Coldwell Banker launched the brand’s Blue Matter consumer blog.

Time Fact2011

Space Shuttle Discovery makes its final landing after 39 flights.


Coldwell Banker Real Estate launched Coldwell Banker Heroes, a new charitable tracking program that recognizes the full scope of service from those within the Coldwell Banker system that assist those in need.

Coldwell Banker HEROES

Time Fact

Queen Elizabeth II marks her 60th anniversary of becoming British monarch, becoming only the second to do so.


The new Coldwell Banker® Digital Platform launches. It’s about real relationships, real data and real connections. It brings back transparency, storytelling and engagement. It’s real estate re-imagined.

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