Doers of Good: Jemima Crosby for 2nd Harvest

    Doers of Good: Jemima Crosby for 2nd Harvest

    Mar 17, 2022

    It always gives us great pleasure to share what our Realtors® are doing in the community to make life better for others. We are happy to introduce our March Doer of Good, Jemima Crosby, an agent with CBT who partners with Dago Velasquez from Envoy Mortgage to support Second Harvest of Tri-Cities whose mission is to feed the hungry and give hope to those in need.

    Jemima and Dago have been involved in Second Harvest for the past nine years, hosting food drives in area neighborhoods where they work and volunteering their time. The pair drops off empty bags at each doorstep in specific subdivisions and a few days later collects the non-perishables residents donate. Together, they have collected thousands of pounds of food for those in the community who may not have the resources to feed their families.

    “There are a lot of families who don’t have enough food, and we realized that if there’s anything we could do to help, we should start there,” Jemima says. “We both have kids, as do our teammates, and when we learned that Second Harvest focuses on feeding the children who might otherwise go hungry, we knew we wanted to be involved.”

    Both say they are humbled by the opportunity to help and encourage others to do what they can. “There are lots of ways the community can pitch in,” Jemima says. “It doesn’t have to be about doing a food drive. You can give monetarily or volunteer your time.”

    When asked why they continue to support charitable organizations, both are quick to point out that neither came from a place of prosperity, so they relate to those who might need a hand. “I think what drives us both has to do with where we came from and how humbled we both are for where we are now,” explains Jemima.

    She goes on to say that seeing her fellow Coldwell Banker Tomlinson agents giving back inspires her to do as much as she can to make her community better. “When you see a need, it will make your heart full to do what you can.”

    To learn more about ways you can assist Second Harvest, visit


    Join us in celebrating our Doers of Good by getting involved in one of the programs we will spotlight over the next several months or tell us in the comments below about what lights your fire when it comes to making our communities better. 

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