DeCluttering, DePersonalizing and CLEANING...

    DeCluttering, DePersonalizing and CLEANING...

    Oct 20, 2020

    Recently, my husband and I decided to put our home on the market and build a new house. The first thought that crossed my mind before we actually did put it on the market was, "UGH... Now I have to CLEAN!" We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. I'm so glad we did, because our home sold quickly and I felt that was one of the major reasons it did.

    Truth be told, no one wants to go into a home for sale that is cluttered with someone else's "stuff". It makes it super hard to imagine your "stuff" and a your possible life in a home that is overrun with someone else's "life".

    If you are ready to put your home on the market soon; do yourself and your realtor a favor by going ahead and renting a storage unit, buy a few large plastic totes and declutter your home, room by room. Hint: it makes packing up when your home does sell so much easier!

    Start by looking the room over and identifying "personal" items; knick-knacks, family photos, books and collectibles. Those are the first items you will want to remove. Then look over the room and minimize it in your mind. The items you can live without should be packed away. Next; do this with your closets and drawers in that room. If the room looks a little bare, that's A-OK. Now someone looking at your home can picture THEIR items in the room.

    Follow the previous steps with each room in your house, then get busy with some room-to-room scrubbing. Roll up those sleeves, dust, clean and scrub until everything from the baseboards to the window sills sparkle. Don't forget the windows... you want the room to fill with sunlight and clean windows make that happen!

    Last of all... if you have your home ready to show; do a once-over and make sure things are tucked away. Now go have a good cup of coffee at your local coffee shop, sit back and relax. Your home has the upper hand on the market now!