Updating Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

    Updating Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

    Oct 01, 2020

    When considering selling your home, painting truly is one of the biggest changes you can make that will both upgrade the look and make a huge impact on how the perspective buyer views your home. Not to mention, it is one of the most economic changes you can make when selling your property!

    Now that you've decided to upgrade the paint color in your home, what color(s) should you choose? NEUTRAL COLORS... they are always the way to go and will help you have a quicker sell. If you are choosing to use more than one color make sure they all compliment each other. Off-Whites, Beiges and Grays are your best bets. Neutral colors help bring in the light and create a more open feel.

    Colors to avoid, you ask? Bright colors such as pink and green. Some colors create agitation or high emotions, again this is why neutral color schemes are better choices. You want a buyer to enter your home and be able to picture themselves living in the space.

    Another good suggestion for color scheme ideas would be to visit new construction open houses. The photo we have included in our blog is from a wonderful new construction in the Trio Ranch Addition and the builder has used an excellent color scheme.