Your Christmas Tree Can Tell a Story

    Your Christmas Tree Can Tell a Story

    Dec 18, 2018

    As I busily prepare for Christmas and the holidays and hustling to get it all done, I hung a new gifted ornament on my tree. It will now become another memory to cherish and enjoy with all the others.  My tree relates a good part of my life, and yours probably does too. It reminds us of those we have known who are no longer with us as well as those who remain. It tells the story of the many places we and our loved ones have been.

    For many, this is a happy time of year as we look forward to our future while at the same time, reflect back on the past remembering those who are no longer with us. I clearly remember my grandparents and parents baking and cooking to prepare for the days ahead – and stealing a cookie or two without them knowing. The anticipation of Christmas Eve, Midnight Mass, Christmas Day and New Years was always, and still is, just so exciting.

    Many of us continue with the traditions we know and love as well as create our own with our spouse and family. Some of us have relocated and are fortunate to meet new people to share the holiday with and experience a whole new culture that they have experienced. I moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Virginia outside of D.C. and then to Massachusetts where I met my husband and spent many Christmases with our family in New England. 

    In 1996 we moved to Florida and loved the new experience of decorating the outside of our house in shorts and flip flops! We enjoy the lighted boat parades, either participating in the fun of decorating our boat or as spectators from land. We enjoy the Season with our extended family of friends and neighbors and now join together because our families may live somewhere else. In Florida, we’re able to enjoy golfing, boating and fishing all through the holiday season, as well as have cookie exchanges to taste cookie recipes from around the world.

    When we moved here, we bought new decorations to add a tropical feel and intermingle them with our decorations from our past. Each year brings new decorations with new meanings. My tree has become a storybook of all the fun times and of all the people in my life who have special meaning.

    I’m sure your tree tells your story too. Take the time to sit and reflect at your tree or decorations this holiday season. Time goes by too fast and we will blink and the season will be gone. Take the time to enjoy your family and friends and don’t let stress get in the way. Remember the Reason for the Season.

    From my home to yours I wish you a warm and happy holiday with a healthy, prosperous 2019.

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    Becky Borci

    Broker Associate


    Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty

    41 Chailett Rd.

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