TOP TEN MOVING MISTAKES and how to avoid them.

    TOP TEN MOVING MISTAKES and how to avoid them.

    Jul 19, 2019

    Moving can be a drag—there’s no way getting around it. There are ways to make it alot easier, and it starts with your packing. 

    TOP TEN MOVING MISTAKES and how to avoid them. 

    1. You underestimate and think it can be done in a few days

    First you need a plan, start weeks in advance, especially if you have a lot of ‘stuff’. Before you just start piling things into boxes, try organizing your thoughts first, spend time up front to make an inventory of everything needing to be packed or tossed and break it down room by room. Doing this will save you time down the line and you will avoid a lot of angst in the process.

    2. You wing the whole labeling thing 

    Do you think you’ll be able to remember which boxes go with each room based on memory? Think again. 

    Take the time to label boxes by contents and room location. This time up front will make delivering them on the other end to the right rooms and locations easier. And you don’t have to rack your brain trying to remember what was in that box or which box contains a certain item you are looking for etc.!  Do not rely on memory alone. It is a stressful time and the memory is VERY full when you move. 

    3. You go cheap on moving supplies and boxes

    Between people you know, donation centers, and neighborhood/sidewalk giveaways, there are lots of ways to get free moving boxes. But don’t get skimpy about purchasing new ones. It’s worth the extra $40–$50, especially if it spares you from breaking something valuable to you or your family.

    When it comes to buying boxes, make sure you have the right sizes for the different items you're packing. Heavier items like books, canned goods, and candles may need to be packed in smaller, more compact boxes, where lighter objects can go in bigger ones. 

    Keep in mind that you'll need to pack all these boxes into a moving vehicle, so be strategic about getting boxes that can stack together (and not just a few of each size). 

    Know which packing materials should be used and if you’re undecided how much you should buy, buy extra, usually you can return it if you don’t use or open it. It’s much better to have extra than to run out on moving day. Just adds to stress!

    Also, know that moving with plastic totes is a no-no. Plastic totes seem cost efficient, but they have a tendency to crack when placed under a ton of weight.

    Lastly, don’t be that kind of person who tosses a bunch of random things into a trash bag. You will most likely open those bags to a few broken items (I’ve seen it happen).

    4. You pack boxes forgetting that you have to lift them or thinking you have superhuman strength

    Your book collection needs to be packed, don’t fill your boxes to the top with books. The heavier and denser you pack a box, the greater the chance of it breaking or you can throw your back out from the weight of it all.

    As a rule of thumb, try to avoid making boxes heavier than 50 pounds and less is even better. Slide the box onto a scale to check it out.  And remember, if you have a hard time lifting it onto a scale, well, it’s probably too heavy anyway. 

    5. You leave empty space in your boxes 

    Empty space equals shifting, which is a higher possibility of your favorite mug or ceramic spoon rest breaking.  Leave enough room for packing paper, newspaper, Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap. You want a tight fit in those boxes so things don’t move around much.

    Maximize your space by wrapping things in towels and tee shirts to fill empty space.  Plus, then you’re not filling one box with towels and tee shirts and another with only candles or books—this will make it easier to transport. 

    6. Not getting rid of stuff before the move

    Especially if moving to Florida, you don’t need all that stuff! We don’t have basements and the garages are small. Go through your belongings before you move so you can get rid of the things that don’t bring you joy anymore.  You’ll be left with less to pack, both loading and un-loading and it’ll make the whole process a lot easier. 

    As you pack, sift through your things room by room and categorize your joyless items into piles to toss, donate, or sell.  

    7. You forget to notify the post office of your CHANGE OF ADDRESS

    There is nothing that will be more frustrating than not getting your mail once you are settled on the other end. Take the time to go online or go to the post office to get this done before you move.

    8. You try to unpack at your destination in a day

    Once you get to where you are going, there is no need to unpack all the boxes in a day. Take the time to unpack a room or two at a time. Typically the kitchen and baths are a good start and don’t forget the bedding needed immediately. When you open and unpack every box, your house is just full of stuff everywhere and it just adds to the stress. Take some deep breaths, there is no need to rush unpacking. You will be settled in no time, just follow a process.

    9. You don’t pack an overnight bag 

    The last thing you’ll want to do once you arrive at your new home is fish for a towel so you can take a shower or shuffle through boxes to find some night clothes. 

    Plan ahead by assembling an overnight bag with toiletries, clothing, and any other essentials you’ll need at your new locale until you start unpacking and settling in. You’ll thank yourself later.  


    10. You forget to take the time to enjoy your new home and location

    Finally, take the time to smell the roses, enjoy your new home, make some good memories, get out and see the town (if it’s a new one), get to know your neighbors and have fun. Life is too short.

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