Moving to Florida.....Learning the Local Lingo!

    Moving to Florida.....Learning the Local Lingo!

    Sep 11, 2018

    We moved to Florida in 1996 from Massachusetts. We had decided to buy a vacant lot and build our home on the water. We learned quickly that in Southwest Florida they have words with new meanings.  😊 I know growing up in the greater Pittsburgh area we had our own language called Pittsburghese and living in New England I learned they don’t pronounce their “R’s” and they add an “R” when a word ends in a vowel. So moving to Florida I caught on to the local lingo fairly quickly, but once I got into real estate in 2000, I had to be careful not to use these local words without first describing what I was talking about to our customer, things such as: 

    Pool Bath (bathroom off the pool)

    Lanai (patio area under the roof of the house)

    Cage (screened area around pool and lanai)

    West Coast/East Coast - - means West – the Gulf side of Florida, East means the Atlantic side

    Great room (One living room house, usually larger) vs. a Family Room & Living Room

    Water Closet (closed in toilet area located inside the master bathroom with a door and sometimes a window too)

    Kitchen Nook (dining area in the kitchen usually a bumped-out area for the table and chairs)

    Car Wash Shower (has 2 entrances into the shower and usually 2 shower heads on each side so 2 people can shower at the same time)

    No-See-Ums (these tiny tiny bugs that can get through the screens and make you itch – sometimes we can see-ums!! Haha)

    Seawall (a wall dividing the land from the waterway, many times concrete)

    Lift (a boat hoist to keep our boat out of the water)

    Alligators (SAY WHAT????) Yes, just what they mean….

    Aquarium Windows (a window with multiple sides sealed by silicone caulking)

    Swim-out in the pool (this is a little area that usually juts out a bit and has a seat in it)

    Bump-out in a house (usually an area bumped out like a bay window but it is floor to ceiling)

    Summer Kitchen (Kitchen area in the lanai usually with a fridge, sink and grill)

    Pool table (table in the pool, not the pool tables you see in bars)

    Snow Birds (Northerners who come to Florida in the Winter and back North in the Summer)

    Half Backs (Northerners who moved to Florida then moved half way back North to (TN, NC, GA, SC etc.)

    Florida Cracker (Born and raised in Florida), our very own Regional Vice President - Florida, Steve Carr is one.

    Gator Bites (Fried Alligator pieces)

    Know the Florida teams and their nicknames such as:  The Gators, The Seminoles, The Hurricanes (Miami), The Lightning known as the Bolts (Tampa Bay), The Rays (Tampa Bay)

    Know your seasons in Florida: Love Bug Season (pesty little bugs that float through the air, do not bite or sting, connected to each other – ahem – with red heads and arrive usually in May and September), Hurricane Season (June through November we watch out for oncoming hurricanes), Rainy Season (usually coincides with hurricane season), Pool Season (all year round 😊), “SEASON” (when our snowbirds and winter visitors come to Florida and when all the restaurants and roads are full).

    Living in Paradise – well frankly, it is what it says – come on down and live the Florida lifestyle. Click here to search for a home in Rotonda West, FL.!

    Feel free to refer back to this little local Southwest Florida area dictionary at any time to help you adjust to the local Florida lingo. I can tell you, it’s easy to learn the lingo and get used to the seasons, but maybe not so easy to change your favorite sports teams, nor do you have to!   If you give it a try I know you will be a quick study and learn it all very fast too. COME ON DOWN!!

    WRITTEN BY: Becky Borci Manager Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty 41 Chailett Rd. Rotonda West, FL 33947