What is FORITIFED Roofing?

    What is FORITIFED Roofing?

    Jan 30, 2020

    FORTIFIED Home is a set of construction standards for inland and coastal properties specifically designed to reduce the risk of weather-related destruction to your home. These standards were created and implemented by the IBHS (Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety), an independent nonprofit group that researches building safety standards. FORTIFIED modifications have many benefits for homeowners including lowering the chance of weather damage and providing long-term financial savings.

    There are three levels of modifications: FORTIFIED Roof, FORTIFIED Silver and FORTIFIED Gold. FORTIFIED Roof standards are designed to keep roofs secure and keep water out. Silver requires Roof-level improvements but adds on upgrades to protect windows, doors, porches, and carports. Lastly, the Gold standards include both the Roof and Silver tiers but focus on protecting the structure of the home itself with the goal of resisting damage in up to a Category 3 hurricane.

    In our particular market, hurricanes, high winds, hail and severe thunderstorms are all a constant threat. Roofs are especially susceptible to wind and water damage and since these weather-related concerns can be present throughout the entire year, it might be time to look at upgrading your own roof with the FORTIFIED Roof standards.

    What are the FORTIFIED Roof Modifications?

    FORTIFIED Roof modifications focus heavily on sealing the roof deck to prevent water damage during storms. According to the IBHS website, modifications include:

    • Re-nailing the roof deck to double its uplift strength
    • Sealing the roof deck
    • Upgrading roof vents to reduce the chances of water intrusion through the roof by more than 50%
    • Upgrading shingle roof installation
    • Ensuring that metal roof installations have engineering to improve resistance to high winds

    FORTIFIED has also streamlined these modifications to make workflow easier for roofers and evaluators. To learn about this workflow and view the options for each step, check out the “FORTIFIED Roof checklist.”

    Financial Benefits

    North Carolina is one of the few states that offers insurance premium incentives to coastal counties for having a FORTIFIED Roof. This means that not only is it safer for your property, but making these modifications could save you money on your homeowner’s insurance. Those with FORTIFIED roofs have the potential to save between 6% and 8% on their premium with additional discounts available when a home is also FORTIFIED on the Silver and Gold tiers.*

    FORTIFIED Roof construction is also a cost-effective standard that won’t break the bank but may save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Roofing repairs after a weather catastrophe can be extremely expensive and time consuming, or at the very least, cost you your insurance deductible.

    *Savings estimates provided by FORTIFIED Home Discount Sheet

    Learn more about FORTIFIED Roof

    There are many excellent online resources available for homeowners who wish to learn more about the FORTIFIED Home program. Whether you’re a buyer who is wanting to learn about a home listing that already has a FORTIFIED Roof or you’re a homeowner who is considering re-roofing your own house, it’s a good idea to learn about your options and consider the benefits, especially here on the Outer Banks and in the Eastern NC region. The IBHS website provides checklists, informational videos and a directory so you can find a roofer near you who has been trained in FORTIFIED roofing standards.

    Learn more about the FORTIFIED Program here.