Best Ice Cream in Elizabeth City

    Best Ice Cream in Elizabeth City

    Sep 08, 2022

    Welcome back to our series about the best ice cream shops in all northeastern North Carolina! Although some areas in the country are starting to feel an autumn chill, here in Elizabeth City and the Outer Banks, we refer to fall as our “second summer” due to the wonderful, temperate weather. In fact, the weather hovers around the 70s and 80s—perfect for outdoor activities topped off with a cold, sweet treat.

    With so many restaurants and ice cream shops out there, you may be wondering, “Where is the best place to go?” Whether you reside in the heart of Pasquotank County or are simply visiting for a spell, there are many tasty ice cream shops to choose from. Part II in our series explores the best ice cream in, and around, Elizabeth City.


    Scoops Ice Cream Shop

    1825 Shortcut Rd.

    Shawboro, NC 27973

    Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings, this little shop is a great place to stop-in or takeout a couple scoops of your favorite treat. Scoops offers a variety of flavors including mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and real deal vanilla which you could get in a cup, a cone, milkshake or even as a sundae! If you don't want ice cream, you can also try one of their special treats like blue raspberry Italian ice.

    Our pick: a hot fudge sundae. This classic treat with warm, rich fudge and crunchy nuts makes the perfect afternoon snack.

    Elizabeth City

    Nu-Quality Ice Cream Bar

    801 N Hughes Blvd.

    Elizabeth City, NC 27909

    Nu-Quality has been serving up delicious soft-serve ice cream since the 1950s and is open daily from 11AM-10PM. Grab a scoop of the flavor-of-the-week in a cup, regular cone, or waffle cone and for a little something extra, you can choose to add sprinkles or dip the top in chocolate, cherry, or butterscotch! You can also order a milkshake, a sundae, a float, or a hurricane which combines soft-serve and your favorite candy (or combine two candies if you are feeling adventurous). Plus, they serve ice cream sandwiches, shaved ice, and other tasty desserts! If you want to remember your delicious experience, don’t forget to grab a Nu-Quality t-shirt before you leave.

    Our pick: a chocolate cherry combo milkshake with malt. The ability to mix flavors takes your order from an everyday shake to a spectacular custom treat!

    Berri Licious Frozen Yogurt Bar

    1725 City Center Blvd. Ste. A

    Elizabeth City, NC 27909

    Berri Licious, open Tuesday – Sunday at noon through 9PM, is the perfect place where ice-cream and froyo lovers can unite for one tasty outing! Stop by for a single or double scoop in a cup or waffle cone of “old-fashioned hand-dipped” ice cream in a flavor that is anything BUT old-fashioned. Their Blueberry Cheesecake flavor features smooth cheesecake ice cream with blueberry ripple and cheesecake chunks while their Fat Elvis flavor features banana ice cream, salted peanut butter ripple and chocolate chips! If you do want to go the frozen yogurt route, choose from flavors like espresso, vanilla, white chocolate mousse, yellow cake batter or cookies and cream and top with a variety of chocolate or fruity toppings and syrups. As a bonus – they price their froyo by container size and not weight so feel free to add whatever toppings you like!

    Our pick: an Exhausted Parent. Just like the name suggests, this flavor is bound to boost your mood and your energy levels with bourbon-spiked espresso ice cream and bittersweet chocolate chunk swirls.

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