Best Practices for Showing Your Home

    Best Practices for Showing Your Home

    Sep 03, 2021

    You’ve decided to list your home. So now what? It’s time to start showing it to prospective buyers! One of the most exciting parts of the selling process is getting your home prepared for viewings. Done correctly, this step will be the key in securing offers on your home. If you’re not quite sure about what to do to prepare your home for a showing, don’t worry. 

    We’ve put together some best practices for showing your home, so you can make prospective buyers feel comfortable when viewing it.

    Video Tours

    An easy way to show your home to several interested buyers without much hassle is through a video tour. It’s 2021, and the internet is your friend. Creating a virtual tour makes it easy for people to review your listing from the comfort of their couch or office chair. Having this option also helps with ensuring that the more serious buyers show up for a second look in person.

    Open Houses

    Traditional? Yes. Effective? Also yes. Open houses are a tried and true method of showcasing a new listing. Nothing beats buyers walking through an open house and envisioning how they would set up the living room or considering which new paint color would best complement the floor. Hosting an open house helps interested parties visualize their life in a new space and get a feel for the home in a way that online tours can’t. Whip up a few refreshments and snacks for your guests, then let them roam the halls of their potentially new house.

    Staging Your Home

    One thing to keep in mind when showing your house is how to go about staging the rooms for guests. The National Association of Realtors© reports that home staging increases the value of a home between six and ten percent. Thirty-nine percent of realtors© also note that well-executed staging helps decrease the length of time a home stays on the market. Those are both good reasons to spend some time on staging!

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    Make Yourself Scarce

    During every step of the process, you might find yourself wanting to hover. It’s tempting to stay at an open house to mingle amongst the attendees and answer any questions. Unfortunately, this special part of the process is best left to your agent. Having the owner on site can actually function as a major deterrent in many cases. Buyers don’t feel at ease with the owner spying on them, nor are they able to effectively picture their new life in the home. 

    It’s best to keep your distance and have patience while others tour the listing. Otherwise, any visitors in your home may feel rushed to leave or the need to be overly polite. This means they might not bring up any actual concerns or questions regarding the property. 

    Need Help Selling Your Home? 

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