How to Create a Home Office that Works

    How to Create a Home Office that Works

    Oct 26, 2021

    Your home office serves as your daily workspace, so it’s important that it becomes a space that works for you. Whether you already have a setup or are figuring out how to create a home office that marries form and function, there are several ways to make sure your space best suits your needs. 


    A good place to start is by designing the room to best suit your daily flow. Take a few minutes to examine how you work throughout the day, the items you most commonly find yourself reaching for, and the easiest way to access your necessities. Once you figure out the key players in your workday, build your office setup accordingly. Keep lesser used items tucked away and more useful supplies within easy access. 


    After discovering the best setup for your furniture, it’s time to look at the smaller details. Take the time to ensure your space is ergonomically efficient. This means adjusting your equipment to best improve your comfort, health, and productivity. Adjusting your monitor to be eye level, for example, will reduce strain on your eyes throughout the day. Next, adjust your chair to keep your feet flat on the ground, shoulders relaxed, and arms supported. While working, make sure your head is centered and not pulled forward. If it is extended over your shoulders, you will need to move your monitor closer. Keeping your wrists straight throughout the day will help avoid overextension, so if you find yourself struggling, invest in a desktop wrist pad or a pullout keyboard tray. 

    Color Palette

    Once you adjust your workstation to accommodate your physical needs, you should consider ways that you can improve your mental health, too. Start by finding a wall color that will inspire and soothe you throughout the day. Colors affect your mood and creativity, so taking the time to select one that appeals to you will go a long way when it comes to designing your home office. 

    Incorporating natural lighting also provides a mental boost, so having your office in a room with a window is ideal. If that isn’t an option, you can also replace your light bulbs with alternatives meant to simulate natural light. To accentuate the natural feeling of the room, bring in some greenery and wood tones. 


    Maintaining an organized space is vital when it comes to staying focused and productive. Not having efficient storage for your supplies or forgetting where you placed important documents can be both frustrating and time consuming.

    A great way to avoid these issues is by implementing vertical and horizontal storage solutions to your home office. Find a desk with shelves, or mount a few on the walls surrounding it. Peg boards and hooks are great for hanging bags and baskets, and you can use a couple of extra baskets to organize any paperwork for easy access. Repurposing common household items is a convenient way to store smaller necessities such as pens and highlighters. Grab a couple of extra mugs, jars, or cans to keep in your office. You can even add a personal touch by tying on twine or ribbon for decoration. 

    Above all, your home office should be a personal space for you to complete your work. Don’t forget to add a few mementos, photos of loved ones, and your favorite trinkets to make it homier. If you can, designate a small section of the room to unwind by bringing in a comfy chair and your favorite throw blanket. You will appreciate these little touches during your breaks! 

    If you’re more of a visual learner, check out these home offices that will help inspire your own at-home setup. 

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