Why Paradise, A Brit In Brevard?

    Why Paradise, A Brit In Brevard?

    May 08, 2018

    My story is a love story, at least to me. I was born in England and right at the peak of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Of course, being born then means I don't remember them, but I do remember The Beatles splitting up and my Sister crying at the thought of it. All the while I was watching this 21 inch black and white TV of some far off land that launched rockets to the moon.

    I guess deep in my heart I was utterly amazed that people where walking on the moon and what kind of people put them there?

    Thus started my love affair with Florida and in particular the Space Coast. So much so I spent ten years planning and working to have the privilege to live here as a foreign national.

    Today, I can from my heart say that a dream came true and as a bonus I found Paradise. Yes, Coldwell Banker Paradise, where we sell homes. What a great thing, to sell homes, not houses, not real estate but Space Coast Homes, right here in Paradise.

    Blessed to be here and grateful.

    Peter Hopkins Realtor

    Coldwell Banker Paradise

    Social Media Manager

    Digital Marketing Director

    Proud Florida Resident.

    Call me, anytime 321 800 3212