Just Like Me

    Just Like Me

    Nov 22, 2021

    By Paula Randall, REALTOR®

    I recently listened to a podcast where the host was talking about navigating families with diverse worldviews. I thought how timely with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza & New Year’s celebrations coming. I am glad to have some tools in my tool box for when my strong opinion wants to dig in her heels.    

    One of my favorite tools she suggested was the “just like me” tool. The way it works is to look at individuals and say to ourselves, “she/he is a woman/man just like me.” He or she has strong opinions about this subject just like me; He or she believes in ____ (a republic, choice, God, Santa, etc., fill in the blank with something that is true) just like me. The idea behind this exercise is for us to see that we all have beliefs and desires that are alike and different and that’s okay. They don’t have to cause contention.

    I am so glad we all like different things and have different opinions when searching to purchase a home. It would be pretty boring to show a house that looks exactly like the previous house, day after day. It is fun to see a little about a person when looking at homes, it makes my job fun.  We all have different personalities and they should be celebrated. It makes our city and communities unique and enjoyable.

    Differing opinions are good. Hopefully we can connect with each other as we learn how to listen and share our views without feeling attacked or unheard. It is about being genuinely curious about each other and removing the expectation that we all have to agree and believe the same.

    One of my favorite ideas is that we are all interconnected (it gives me a sense of belonging) and are part of each other’s stories. I am grateful for all those who are part of my story that I don’t ever see but know without them my life would very different.

    I would be honored to be play the role of REALTOR® in your story. May your holidays be your best ones yet.

    Paula Randall, paula@cb-nhs.com, 402-853-1810