Sometimes the job is just too big for my tools!

    Sometimes the job is just too big for my tools!

    Nov 21, 2017

    I'm pretty good with a paint brush, hammer and electric drill as long as the task is fairly simple and straight forward. But, every so often I have a repair that my 3 tools can't handle. That's when I start desperately looking for the number of a good handy man or woman in our Lake Almanor community, calling friends, tearing through the phone book, doing internet searches and the like. The problem with a small rural community like ours is that handy people don't ususally advertise in the phone book, rarely have a web page and often are pretty darn busy. So knowing who to call becomes a pretty cherished piece of information.

    So, I'm share my list with you! It is not complete, nor in any particular order, and I add and delete periodically. So, if you have another name to share, let me know!

    Lake Almanor Handyman Services on my "Go To" List:

    Nathan's Handyman Services 530-259-3305

    Almanor Home Improvements 530-259-3306

    Bondon Handyman 530-259-3307

    Evergreen Services 530-259-3308

    Joe Fredrick 530-259-3309

    Kurt Heninger 530-259-3310

    Mike Gray 530-259-3311

    Robert Gorbet 530-259-3312

    Crandall Fix it 530-259-3313