Introducing the Gallery in Downtown Bentonville

    Introducing the Gallery in Downtown Bentonville

    Jun 22, 2020

    Every year, Northwest Arkansans share with excitement all of the top rankings the region receives. Best place to live, best place to start a business, most bike friendly region, best rock climbing in the Midwest, fastest growing city, you name it and Northwest Arkansas has likely been recognized for it. City planners are even brainstorming how to incorporate over one million people in Northwest Arkansas within the next few decades. While we love to share the numbers, Northwest Arkansas is our home not because of its ranking, but because of the people, businesses and culture that have earned these numbers.

    As we interact with our buyers and sellers, we cannot help but realize that these aspects of the area play a very large part in population attraction and retention, as well as the overall happiness of citizens. Therefore, we thought it was important for us to create a community space for our agents, staff and clients to utilize that highlights and brings life to the uniqueness and diversity of Northwest Arkansas.

    We are excited to announce the opening of a Gallery Office that we believe does just that! The Gallery is centrally Located at 113 N. Main Street in Downtown Bentonville. We are next to local superstars such as Onyx Coffee Lab, Kyya Chocolate, Preacher’s Son and 21c Museum and Hotel, making this office a great spot for meetings, events and a convenient introduction for new Arkansans to learn what makes their new home so great! We worked with local artists, designers and builders to create a fun community space that elevates the culture and “style” of Northwest Arkansas.

    We also hope to take advantage of our incredible location by finding ways to have a positive impact on the community. We are looking at ways this space can also serve local businesses who are looking for a convenient and accessible location to host events, charity drives and other social gatherings. We hope to therefore not only uplift the culture, but the people of Northwest Arkansas as well. We see this as an extension of the arms that we already have within NWA, and strengthening our deep roots within this beautiful community.

    Next time your in downtown, day or night, stop in and say hello!