Buying + Selling your Home with us during COVID19

    Buying + Selling your Home with us during COVID19

    Apr 24, 2020

    Formed Amidst Crisis, Shaped by Kindness

    The Coldwell Banker brand has endured many hardships in its 114 years. From the Great Depression to global conflicts, the housing market crash of the 1980’s, the recession of 2008, and now the COVID-19 Pandemic, these events have shaken our methods and tested our resilience. We have withstood these culture-changing catastrophes, because we have persevered through so many.

    Coldwell Banker was founded on the principle of integrity; as a way to help families piece their lives together after the Great San Francisco Earthquake destroyed countless homes and livelihoods in 1906. Dissatisfied with many real estate companies attempting to capitalize off of these families for a profit, Colbert Coldwell started a real estate business that would focus on people over profit to eventually become Coldwell Banker.

    Innovation Comes from Rising to the Challenge

    We have developed tools that allow us not only to adapt to the rising challenges in real estate, but to also continue in exceeding the expectations of our clients. Here are some great strategies and tools we have implemented as creative, effective solutions to continue guiding Northwest Arkansas home.

    Digital Marketing of Your Home

    With the most robust tools in the industry, we were poised prior to this pandemic with a multitude of options to digitally market your home. In fact, Coldwell Banker remains the #1 most-visited real estate brand online.

    Here are a few examples of our multi-faceted marketing strategies:

    • Your home will be listed on over 300 website syndications including Zillow,, and
    • Digital display advertising targeting NorthWest Arkansas buyers online for all homes listed
    • Paid Facebook and Instagram advertising for all listings
    • Artificial Intelligence tech to identify potential buyers online

    Virtual Appointments

    You no longer have to leave your home to meet with an agent! As long as you have a mobile device with internet access, we have the technology to set up a virtual appointment to discuss your needs and begin the process of buying or selling your home!

    Electronic Signatures

    Signing documents is a necessary part of the buying or selling process. We’ve implemented into our process the ability for all clients to sign documents from their own computer, with just a click of their mouse, which is arguably quicker than coming to sign in person!

    Virtual Tours

    Touring a home is one of the most important aspects of the home-buying process. We have developed a completely virtual system that allows you to visualize your future home from your phone, computer or laptop while your REALTOR® delivers quality footage directly to you.

    COVID-19 Addendum

    If you or your agent need to delay closing as a result of either party central to the transaction being impacted by COVID-19, The Arkansas REALTORS® Association has created an addendum that would protect buyers and sellers should this happen. You can rest easy knowing that beginning to buy or sell your home with us is risk-free.

    Money Delivery

    All necessary funds during the buying or selling process can be sent via electronic wire transfer, or we can have one of our staff pick up a check from you (taking the proper safety measures, of course!)

    Closing Time

    If you use our affiliate, Mercury Title, their notary will bring your closing to you, minimizing the amount you will need to leave your home.

    Once all of this has been completed, almost 100% online, we will safely deliver they keys to you so that you can enjoy your new home as quickly and safely as possible. Your home should be your safe space, your oasis, your area of comfort, and we want to make sure that the process in getting you there imitates this as much as possible. In both feast and famine, we adapt and innovate for you. If you are interested in buying or selling a home, contact an agent today. Our REALTORS® are equipped and ready to help you buy or sell you home with confidence, safety and excellence. Just as we always have.