The Real Estate Agent's Secret Weapon

    The Real Estate Agent's Secret Weapon

    Oct 23, 2017

    Do you take advantage of this?

    We live in the day of rapidly changing technology, and as a real estate agent you are left, sometimes scrambling, to keep up. Real estate blogs, magazines, and conferences instruct you to harness technology! However, the vast majority of you are left wondering where to get started. I'd like to show you how to use the technology you have, or get up to speed with one important upgrade.

    You carry a secret weapon on you at all times. It hides in your pocket, purse, or even left forgotten on your nightstand at times. The modern smartphone is the tech savvy's tool of choice. Are you someone who thrives on the latest and greatest, or is the last time you upgraded your cell phone was when a Bush was in office? Surely, it doesn't fold? Right!?

    A flagship smartphone manufactured within the last two years has capabilities that probably exceed your five year old computer back at your office. Not only is it a device to call, email, and text your clients, but it is a camera, an audio recording device, a camcorder, a notebook, a wallet, a photo album, and a computer just to name a few of its capabilities.

    Whether you are a fan of iPhone or love Samsung (or any high-end Android device), the key to steamlining your life as a real estate agent is taking full advantage of your smartphone's features. 

    Here are a few little known smartphone tips to ease your day to day:

    Google Photos offers free unlimited photo storage and pain-free album sharing.

    Google Docs offers a free office suite so that you can create, edit, and share word docs, spreadsheets, and powerpoint presentations from your smartphone, tablet or from your computer. Bonus: those documents sync across devices so that you can transition from workspace to workspace and never miss a beat.

    Google Drive offers an initial 15GB of space for free, and very affordable packages beyond that if you need it. Google Drive offers convenient cloud storage that syncs across all devices. Take advantage of Drive by storing your important paperwork in the cloud, organize folders by street address, client name, and more.

    Pulse SMS is not simply a messenger, but for $11 (one-time cost for a permanent license) it provides you with text backups, browser texting (that syncs with your smartphone), and customization. Although, the free version is a more than decent messenger.

    LastPass is a password manager that will make your a little easier, and a little more secure. It seems like a major data breach is announced monthly these days. It is true that some of this is out of your control, and accepting that fact is simply a part of living in the 21st century. However, that doesn't mean that you should concede. So, using a password manager is a good step in the right direction. Here's how to really take advantage of LastPass.

    Are you in need of a smartphone upgrade? The iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8+, Samsung Note 8, LG V30, and Pixel 2 are all fantastic modern devices that will exceed your expectations. So, no more excuses...get up to date and harness the tech that is already so integral to your life.