Pizza in Northampton

    Pizza in Northampton

    Oct 25, 2021

    One thing that makes Northampton so special is its selection of amazing restaurants! There are currently over 100 restaurants and almost all of them are really good. Often, having so many great options can make it hard to choose where to get a meal. Luckily, as I’m sure many of you can agree, my usual go-to when I can’t decide what to eat is PIZZA!

    This past week I noticed a Facebook post on the Northampton town page asking for recommendations for the best pizza places. So naturally, that made me want to do a blog post on some of the best pizza places in a town with so many amazing options. 

    Here are the top suggested places and what people had to say about them…

    Joe’s Spaghetti and Pizza: This place has been in business since 1938 and is definitely a popular choice of many Northampton locals. Lots of people say that Joe’s is the closest to “traditional NY style” pizza that Northampton has to offer. They have very affordable prices and there’s always a wait to be seated so that’s when you know it’s good.

    Roberto’s: If you’re looking for thin crispy crust, lots of people recommend Roberto’s. They have an extensive pizza menu with tons of fresh toppings to choose from.

    Hungry Ghost: The crust is the selling point of the pizza at Hungry Ghost, which should be the case since they specialize in bread. And, wow, do they have some good bread, but we're supposed to be talking about pizza here so I’ll stop drooling! The shop has limited hours for pizza offerings so it’s usually best to call ahead, and it’s take-out only.

    Pinocchio’s: This place got quite a few mentions as well. The highlight of Pinocchio’s is that in addition to whole pies, they sell pizza by the slice so it’s great for lunch or to pick up a slice or two quickly on your way home.

    Highbrow: This newer restaurant in town has some great brick oven pizza that many would consider “fancier” as far as pizza goes. It has that great brick oven taste with lots of unique topping combinations on the menu.

    So, there you have it, the top-mentioned places for pizza in Northampton based on community sourced data! Do you have a favorite?