2 Surprising Things Homebuyers Really Want

    2 Surprising Things Homebuyers Really Want

    Oct 01, 2020

    Most homebuyers have to sacrifice some of their wants to find a new home. Unless they have 

    unlimited funds and time, chances are there are “must-haves” which outweigh the “like-to-have” 

    items on the list. Yet, there are always features that these buyers refuse to part with, and they 

    might surprise you.

    1. Outdoor Space – Over the past decade or so, outdoor spaces have become extensions of the home. 

    From outdoor kitchens to outdoor living rooms, the line between interior and exterior has blurred. 

    Homebuyers ha ve embraced this way of living and are insisting on some kind of outdoor patio or 

    space when looking for a new home.

    2. Garages – Today’s homebuyer wants a garage. True, some of them plan to use it for 

    non-traditional purposes, such as for storage or home gyms, but they still insist on a garage. Even 

    with the rise of rideshare services and public transportation options, statistics show that the 

    average household owns 1.95 cars and studies demonstrate they are looking for a home with at least 

    a single-car garage.

    Homebuyers realize they might have to make sacrifices when searching for a new home. Surprisingly, 

    while these buyers might be willing to compromise on other aspects of the home, outdoor space and 

    garages are among the “must-have” items in 2020.