The Best Sunset Spots to on the Outer Banks!

    The Best Sunset Spots to on the Outer Banks!

    May 10, 2021

    Best Sunset Spots on the Outer Banks

    Looking for the best spots to watch the sun drop on the Outer Banks? We got you...

    LOOK TO THE WEST, EVERY NIGHT, and enjoy the show!

    The Outer Banks is a truly unique spot where you can watch the sun rise over the ocean and set over any one of the five sounds that join around the area. However, when it comes to enjoying a good sunset, there is no better spot on the East Coast to witness the sun dropping behind a body of water. Here’s the best places to eyeball the big show!

    Historic WHALEHEAD Clubhouse - Corolla, NC

    Just under the shadows of the Currituck Lighthouse, the historic WHALEHEAD Hunt Club becomes a gathering spot for many visitors who are looking to watch the sun drop behind the horizon. Located in northern Corolla and nestled along the shorelines of the Currituck Sound, The WHALEHEAD Hunt Club is a free, open park venue that hosts a historic arched bridge, amazing old trees and classic boat gazebos. All add a stunning backdrop to a painted sky.

    Duck Waterfront Soundside Walkway - Duck, NC.

    The walkway along Ducks western side is great place to see the sunset when visiting the Town of Duck. Spanning a couple miles and winding along the town and cypress gardens that stretch along the shoreline, the walkway has plenty of spots to stop, rest and view the wildlife of the area. Be sure to bring your favorite adult beverage as you are able to enjoy a glass of wine or craft beer as you enjoy the show. (The cover photo is located on the north end of Duck.)

    Run Hill State Nature Trail - Nags Head, NC

    Nestled off the beaten path near the Nags Head Nature and Wildlife Reserve is the Run Hill State Nature Trail. If you’re willing to hike to the top of some steep sand dunes, this local secret is a favorite spot to watch the sunset. Overlooking Covington Harbor, Run Hill has plenty of family and pet friendly hiking trails with scenic views like none other in the Outer Banks. Be sure to wear some sand friendly shoes... its a hike!

    The Point at Cape Hatteras - Buxton, NC

    Way off the beaten path, deep in the soft sands of Buxton lays perhaps one of the best spots to witness a sunset, the Point at Cape Hatteras. Often hailed as one of the best fishing spots on the East Coast, the Point allows you to watch the sunset behind Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, surrounded by water and pristine wild lands. Although you need a ORV permit and 4x4 to get there, once there, you’ll understand why the Point at Cape Hatteras is the Mecca of amazing sunset photo opportunities. Be sure to air down those tires to 18-20psi... the sand is deep.

    Outer Banks sunsets happen in your own back yard too!

    One of the coolest spots to enjoy an Outer Banks sunset is on the back deck of your own home! It’s true... chances are you will have the vibrant colors, painted sky and dancing clouds no matter where you live on the OBX. It’s a perk of the area that the locals have grown to love and visitors continue to come back to enjoy year after year. We’ve said it before; there’s no place in the world like the Outer Banks for a sunset!

    Want to live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina?

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    See you on the Outer Banks!