Meet the Man Behind The Scene

    Meet the Man Behind The Scene

    Feb 19, 2020

    Meet my husband, Brandon. He is goofy. I like goofy. We laugh often, and we live like tomorrow might not come. We celebrate together, we cry together, we love together. He is my rock! Starting your own business is stressful, scary, exhausting, and every other emotion in between. Without Brandon, I wouldn't have had the courage to do what I have always wanted, to be a Business Owner.

    Real Estate is a tough business. When "they" say it is a shark tank out there, "they" were NOT lying. There are over 1,000 agents in Sussex County alone!!! Only the best make it through the first 2 years. I am lucky to have developed a work ethic that guarantees me success with my career and for that, I can't give credit all to one person. That credit is divided very evenly between my amazing mother, my stubborn father, of course my brothers, my beautiful children and my super cute husband.

    The people I surround myself with have goals, they have a mission, they know what it takes to be someone. Each "someone" is different for each person though; however, the outcome is the be fulfilled in life.

    Find what fulfills you and do it.