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    Stephanie gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was absolutely wonderful to work with! Always willing to fit us in any time to show us houses and discuss our options. Susie also just has such a positive and upbeat personality that helped us through the process of looking for and purchasing a home in such a crazy market.
    Danielle gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was my real estate fairy god mother! Working with her was an absolute blast! My husband and I were looking for our first home with our two toddlers. Just the thought of competing in the market made me sick to my stomach! I felt very overwhelmed and did not know where to start. After being referred to Susie she was able to answer all of my questions, no matter how dumb or multiple times I asked them; she gave us the confidence we needed to move forward and feel like we had a fighting chance in the Covid crazy market. She was VERY responsive and always available. She placed an offer for us while she was actively boarding a plane for her family vacation. We enjoyed going to showings with her immensely, she was able to point out both positive and negatives about homes that were informative and helpful. Her knowledge was infinite. Working with Susie was like house shopping with your best friend, she always gave her honest when we asked for it, no icing required. We really feel that is Susies work ethic is one of the reasons we found a home and had our offer accepted so quickly.We have friends that placed eight offers on different homes before one was excepted. We only had to place two.I was able to request a showing with her at the drop of a hat, she was so flexible and willing to go above and beyond for us working around my husbands crazy work schedule. She understands that a home is one of the biggest investment anyone can make and genuinely wants you to love your home! We found the home where our babies can play in the back yard, where we will watch them board their first kindergarten bus, and one day even be taking pictures for prom. Susie was a shark through the closing process and advocated for us every step of the way. She always gave great advice during the negotiation process and impressed our inspector with her knowledge several times. She has a way with words and is incredible working with other agents. Everyone that she referred us to was reasonably priced and very knowledgeable. Susie definitely takes care of her clients! Three weeks after moving into our home we had a new roof placed. The roofing company was referred by Susie and was the best price we found! We are so happy with the results. I will continue to call Susie throughout my homeownership to be referred to the best trades person. I could go on and on with praises for this woman. My husband and I are forever thankful for the memories we will make in our new beautiful home because of her.We are very excited to celebrate our sons second birthday as our first even in our new home!
    Abby gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    I cannot say enough about how wonderful an agent and person Susie is! I was matched with Susie on the Coldwell Banker website when I decided I wanted to go look at a townhouse and I was lucky and blessed to have her as a Real Estate Agent! As a first time home buyer, I knew next to nothing about Real Estate. Susie answered any and all questions I had about everything with incredible detail, honesty and enthusiasm. She has a great deal of knowledge about this industry and is a true professional. If you want a supportive, knowledgeable and caring Real Estate Agent, I cannot recommend anyone better than Susie!
    Andie gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was hands down the best realtor I have ever worked with! I learned very quickly that she understood my desires and needs in a house/property and that allowed me to trust her insight and saved me a lot of time. She was so quick to respond to my questions and was patient with my indecisions. Susie knows the area well and helped me to evaluate each house we looked at for the pros and cons. I felt like she always had my back and I had a true partner in finding my new home!!
    Richard gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie did an outstanding job in helping me sell my house in Crafton. During this process I needed to make several trips to NC, the site of my relocation. Several times during these trips, something needed to be tended to at the house when I was out of town. Susie tended to these matters in a timely and professional manner. She made her self available to answer the many questions I had concerning the sale of the house, again, in a timely and professional manner. Without question, Susie went the "extra mile" during this transaction. By the time closing was complete, not only did I have the experience of an excellent agent, I felt like I also had a new friend. I would recommend Susie to anyone interested in buying or selling their home in a heartbeat. Excellent job!!
    Kirsten gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie is such a pleasure to work with- a true professional and is an all around fabulous realtor you can trust! As first time home buyers we had a LOT of questions and much to learn about buying a home. Susie was so patient warm kind fun and proactive. We started working with her to find a home for our growing family we nearly purchased a home that was outside the kind of area we we were really hoping for but it fell thru due to the appraisal being so far off our offer and even farther off from the list price that there was no option to meet in the middle. It turned out that was a blessing in disguise! We took a break while we brought our second child into the world and picked up again after he was born. We moved out of the area temporarily to be near family while we were adjusting as a family of four. Susie would go preview properties for us since we were out of town. She would FaceTime us or send video walk throughs- really looking at the things that mattered to us. She would provide disclosures ASAP and get comps together even when on vacation so we could make an offer. She really went to bat for us! She even managed creating an offer and negotiated with a seller while she was on vacation with her family- she never wanted us to lose out on an opportunity. We made an offer on another home- it was neck and neck with Susie working hard to negotiate and even was educating the seller who was managing the sell by owner vs a real estate professional. We lost out as the seller knew the buyer personally- how can you beat that?! THEN one day I got a notification of a new listing in a coveted neighborhood in our price range- I sent the link to Susie and she scheduled a viewing that day without prompting! She sent us videos of the home- pulled comps and we made an offer that next morning. She submitted the offer and shared our story with the list agent. The seller selected us and our offer 2 days later. The inspection negotiations went swimmingly with the seller taking on 14K of sewer line work as well as repointing the chimneys without any hassle and the house appraised 5K over our offer price- all her hard work assessing comps was well worth it! The closing company selected by the seller as the sale was managed thru a relo company. We ran into a snag where the agent went on vacation and left no information for our mortgage company and offered no stand in agent to handle the process. Susie jumped on it and contacted their management who turned around the closing information that weekend to keep closing on schedule as we had already planned movers and family help as we have our little ones in tow. We closed on the house last week and only here in a house we love due to Susies unyielding energy effort and mission to find her clients the right home. We would recommend Susie to ANYONE (that we feel deserves her).
    Meghan gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    During my first call with Susie, I could immediately tell she is a genuine and hardworking person, which she demonstrated throughout my house hunting process. She spent nearly 30 minutes on the phone with me when I first called to answer all my questions, ask me details of what I wanted in a house, and recommended other neighborhoods near where I was looking that I had not listed, other realtors I talked to previously did not do these things. Then she set up a tour of homes, so I could understand the Pittsburgh housing market and truly focus on my must haves and nice to haves. In every house we looked at, she pointed out any areas of concern and educated me on some of the unique problems older Pittsburgh homes can have. Susie truly gave her honest opinion and never pushed me into buying a house. She actually empowered me to walk away from the first house we put an offer on, which I loved, but was not completely sold on. She pulled a detailed comp analysis and gave me her suggested fair offer range, which was under asking, when the seller countered over her fair range, we countered, and I ended up walking away. I was really worried about overpaying for a house in this market, as this is not my forever home, and Susie was very cognizant of that and ensured what we offered was fair and should hold its value. She helped me negotiate a fair offer on my home, re-negotiate that after the inspection, and got the seller to repair a $7300 break in the sewer line! Susie answered all my questions in a timely manner, when she did not know something, she was honest, researched, and used her network to find my answer. Susie truly cares about her clients and is down to earth, it made looking at houses comfortable and fun for me, which is why I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home!
    Craig gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    I wanted to give Susie a fair shake with this review so I waited to do this. First-time home buying is a rush after you get the keys and paperwork is signed. The moment I started working with Susie, it was a breath of fresh air. After working with a not so great agent. She takes everything in consideration. From start to finish. Susie works FOR YOU. She cares about every little detail about a property you are not in love with that you have looked at with her. Keeping in mind not every home is perfect as well. She is also honest about her take on a property. Offering not only a potential different view point but a professional and personal. She goes through the emotions with you. If you are mad or feeling any type of way especially when talking money I can promise you Susie feels the same way too. Her contacts, recommendations for inspectors, and the people she ask to work with her are fantastic. All of them have EARNED the spot to be there. She does not allow them to play games. Susie is just down right a wonderful person and is the right choice. Just please keep in mind she is a busy lady. Susie makes time for all her clients. Questions you may have might take a moment to have answered but I promise you she is working on them. Just relax a bit and she will guide you in the right direction. Without hesitation I will be sending my friends her way. Susie thank you for the awesome work you do.
    Frank gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    I cannot even begin to explain how happy we were to work with Susie. From start to finish she was pleasant to work this, motivated to get things done and aggressive to sell our property. She went above and beyond to coordinate the repairs needed to ensure our closing was able to be completed within the originally set time frame. She was always available and kept us well informed at all times. Her knowledge and experience in realty was irreplaceable. She made selling our home simple and painless. I would highly recommend Susie for any of your real estate needs!
    Maggie gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was absolutely fantastic to work with! She made the process of selling our house so much easier than my husband and I could have imagined. She kept us informed on every step, but broke the process down into manageable stages so it never felt overwhelming at any point. And she was available at any time to answer the million questions we had about the process! Susie also put so much time and effort into helping us prep everything for our open house. We were able to secure an offer over asking price within just a few hours of our open house! That definitely would not have been possible without Susies guidance on the market. I would highly recommend Susie to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She was a pleasure to work with and her hustle is truly admirable!
    caitlin gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    I cannot say enough good things about Susie. She is absolutely amazing and I am so happy my family and I put our trust in her. After looking for nearly a year and a half, having issues with my previous agent and desperately needing a larger home for our growing family, I did an online search for the best Real Estate Agents in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Susies name was first on the list and her reviews were rightfully above and beyond everyone elses. I had lost all hope and gained constant anxiety about our living situation, but with one short Friday afternoon conversation Susie gave me a sense of optimism that I really did not think was possible at that point. The very next day, we looked at six houses with my large family. Susie was so personable and helpful the entire time. She helped my husband and me in seeing potential ideas or issues that we would not have thought of with each of the houses. She was also wonderful with our kids and they absolutely loved her! As soon as we got home that evening, I got an email notification from Susie about another house that was just listed. I texted her telling her we were interested in looking at that, too. She squeezed us into the schedule the next day and our offer was accepted that night! After looking for so long with a different agent, with Susie it took less than 48 hours for us to find our forever home. Over the next couple months, between negotiations, listing our former house, showings, and all the other chaos involved in buying and selling a house, our minds were put at ease with Susies constant reassurance and down-to-earth attitude. Susie made every crazy situation a breeze on our end, while I know much of that was not so easy for herself. She was always there when I would bombard her with questions through texts and phone calls. My husband would call her my BFF Susie because I was on the phone with her more than anyone else. She works hard, knows the real estate business, and is compassionate and fair while still being firm in her dealings with all involved in the process. I honestly believe we would not have found our home without Susie and would still be stuck with no hope and continuous worry. I tell anyone even thinking to buy or sell, Susie Cancelliere is the best and you would be beyond happy to have her as your agent!
    Fred gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was the most professional, knowledgeable, personable and honest agent I ever worked with. She shared our joy when we sold our home and was always on top of everything as she led us through the selling process. I would highly recommend Susie to anyone looking to sell their home!
    Mr. Andrew gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    I consider myself very lucky to have found Susie for my home purchase! As a first time home buyer, moving from the west coast, and buying in a tough market, it felt like the cards were stacked against me. I was completely clueless about the entire process coming in and could not have done it without Susie. She always had great recommendations for who to work with, including my lender, title company, plumbers, structural engineers, you name it. She was incredibly responsive and helped answer every question or concern I had. She even helped deal with difficult situations, like working with a seller's agent who was reluctant to release my hand money from a terminated agreement. Her positive attitude made the process a lot more enjoyable, which helped encourage me to continue my home search when I was considering giving up. She was also honest when it came to pointing out any issues or concerns with the future value of each home. You can tell that Susie genuinely cares about helping people find a home they will be happy with. I could not have found my home without her!
    Jennifer gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was extremely helpful with everything, and made my home buying experience a breeze.
    Deb gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    We entered into the house buying adventure in Mt. Lebanon with the handicap of being six hours away in NJ. Susie came highly recommended and so we put our trust in her. It was not for naught. She was great from start to finish. From helping us view different homes without imposing her personal opinions but giving us advice on the areas and the listings, to helping us finalize our offer and the process of completing the purchase of our wonderful home. We would recommend her to anyone who is buying/selling a home. She even helped us with ideas and suggestions of how to get settled into our new place. If realtors had a Hall of Fame- she'd get our vote!
    Shelby gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was amazing to work with and gets the job done! She made looking for homes fun and was always willing to help in any way she can! Susie was available day or night and helped us not only buy our first home, but help educate us as well.
    Meghan gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie is PHENOMENAL at what she does, and we feel so lucky to have found her. Through her efforts, we have achieved our very long-time goal of buying a home. We found one quickly, in a great school district, and at a price that left enough in the budget to put our own stamp on it after moving in. This could not have happened without Susie's insights from many years of experience, stellar negotiating skills, market research, fantastic local connections, and her organization and diligence. For instance: - When working out the price and repairs requests with the sellers, she sent eloquently written persuasive arguments supporting our requests that were very successful. - When we had questions about an easement on the property, she immediately put us in touch with lawyers who were able to get us answers. When we needed a plumber in a pinch, she had someone on the phone within minutes. - At a few points, in order to protect us, she rushed to draw up new/updated paperwork. There are too many more examples like this to continue listing them out here! Not only were we pleased with the outcome, but Susie was fabulous to work with on a personal level. She is authentically friendly, very responsive, and basically always available. She took what is so often a stressful experience for folks and made it feel easy for us. Having never purchased a house, my husband and I went into this search 100% green, and Susie thoroughly, but clearly and succinctly, explained the process every step of the way, from flow charts of the timeline to putting our experience in perspective for us by comparing it to the hundreds of other houses she's dealt with, letting us know what was and wasn't normal since we had no idea. We knew we could trust her because when she didn't know an answer, she would say as much and then get straight to work either finding the answer or connecting us with someone we could talk to for that information. She was never pushy in any way - her style was to make recommendations based on her considerable knowledge and then to leave it up to us. We're in love with our new house and are excited to spend many years in it, but when it comes time to sell, we will be calling Susie again.
    Christina gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie is amazing at what she does. She helped me buy my first home during covid and it was not easy but Susie never let the stress get to me. She really listens and has a great fun upbeat personality and is always just a phone call or text away when you need anything. I don't know how she does it but I could not imagine buying my first home with anyone else. I am very grateful for Susie and would recommend her to anyone in any situation.
    Christina gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie is amazing at what she does. She helped me buy my first home during covid and it was not easy but Susie never let the stress get to me. She really listens and has a great fun upbeat personality and is always just a phone call or text away when you need anything. I don't know how she does it but I could not imagine buying my first home with anyone else. I am very grateful for Susie and would recommend her to anyone in any situation.
    Kristen gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    I'm so glad I found Susie! She was EXTREMELY flexible and knowledgeable.Susie had no problem being quickly available to view a house the same day it went up on the market. She is down to earth and doesn't try to pressure you into getting a house that's not right for you. She has a great eye while viewing homes, and I felt like she really gave her honest opinion about each house. She was an awesome negotiator and saved me extra money! She's thoughtful and takes extra time to make sure everything is on track. I highly recommend Susie, especially if it's your first time buying a home. I love my new home! Thank you!!
    Gabe gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was recommended to me by friends who had just bought a house with her help. Throughout my search (including a two-month pause for coronavirus!), she was always quick to respond and upfront about everything, and her help navigating the purchase process once my offer was accepted was superb and helped maintain my peace of mind. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends as well!
    E gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    My husband and I recently bought our first home thanks to Susie! We happened to be looking at homes during the worst possible time, Covid-19 quarantine. As I was browsing at homes, not really knowing what I was doing, I stumbled across Susie's information and reviews on Zillow. I reached out and she was willing to do a virtual call with me to introduce herself and explain the process. After less than 10 minutes of speaking with her, I knew that she was the perfect agent for us! Susie was extremely patient as we had a million questions and she made us feel comfortable (during a very uncertain time) throughout the whole process. What I really loved about working with Susie is that she always had our back and our best interest at heart. She listened to what we were looking for in a home and never pressured us into looking at something that was out of our budget. She is flexible, knowledgeable about her industry and the Pittsburgh area, and is very responsive. I highly recommend Susie as an agent!
    Maria gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    It is with great excitement that we write this review for Susie Cancelliere! I recently listened to an interview with Chef José Andrés, who when not running Michelin-starred restaurants, is feeding the masses through World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit he founded that brings food to people during humanitarian crises. When referring to the success of all the different things he has worked on in his life, he humbly says that it is all due to the people he comes across and works with. In his opinion, each one of us is but a by-product of the people that we meet and interact with in our lives. I could not agree more with this concept and its essence brings me to Susie! 😊 My husband (Eric) and I could not feel more fortunate to have met Susie and benefit from her help with purchasing our home. We began the house hunting almost a year ago with a small budget, many limitations and a long list of wishes 😊. We did not really look for a realtor, nor did we get recommendations from anyone. I simply clicked the button on an online real estate database to get more information on a house and was lucky to have Susie meet and show it to us. As it is common with many buyers, after that first house we saw many others, always with Susie as our real estate agent until, still amidst the COVID19 crisis, we found and purchased our home! 😊 For Eric and me, it was automatically understood since day one that Susie would be our realtor. Her professional skills are exemplary: she is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about her work, and she is also always eager to learn more. With amazing integrity and frankness, Susie gives you the information and facts as they are, while simultaneously having your best interests and aspirations at heart. Beyond her professionalism and acumen, what is more captivating about Susie is her empathy, demeanor and emotional intelligence. Susie is personable and relates to people in an innate manner. We were first home buyers, and therefore felt that buying a home was something extraordinarily important and monumental. Buying your first home is almost like adding to your family. You want this home to be your protective shield, while at the same time you intend to protect and care for it, as well. As it felt big and adventurous, it was also intimidating and overwhelming. We could not have been better supported and guided by anyone else but Susie. We cannot perceive this purchase to have happened without her. In the end, Susie Cancelliere became a good friend and is not going to be someone we will ever forget. We already miss meeting with her and looking at houses together! 😊 She is a great example of how outstanding employees can make businesses successful and customers satisfied. Ultimately, more relevant even than what you do, is why and how you do it. I have no doubt that Susie would be a great asset in any industry, because it is her extreme dedication, her passion for work and working with people, and her overall personal traits that make her such a great individual and professional. We recommend Susie readily as a stellar realtor and will always cherish our friendship with her. We appreciate Susie's work and commend her for all she did for us. We love our house and love to have met her. I am typing this note looking at the big pine tree outside my home office window. As I conclude, I reflect again on the words of Chef Andrés and the beauty of the Ubuntu philosophy also comes to mind: I am because of who we all are. Thank you, Susie for making our happiness possible! Maria and Eric
    Bill gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    We are so glad we had Susie as our realtor Her exceptional knowledgeable and honesty provided us with the skills needed to find just the right home for our family. She guided us thru the process of securing a loan and was there for us during the whole transaction. We would recommend Susie to family and friends wholeheartedly. What a great experience!
    Bill gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    We are so glad we had Susie as our realtor Her exceptional knowledgeable and honesty provided us with the skills needed to find just the right home for our family. She guided us thru the process of securing a loan and was there for us during the whole transaction. We would recommend Susie to family and friends wholeheartedly. What a great experience!
    Emilianne gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    As first time homebuyers, the whole process seems extremely intimidating but we would have never made it through the process without Susie. Susie has been absolutely wonderful and responsive to every situation and question we had for her! While this may seem cliché to say, I truly believe we have Susie to thank for our successful home purchase! Also, even though we would like to say we are easy to work with individuals, I would say that with the current COVID Situation, We have probably made for the hardest and longest close on a home that this poor woman has ever experienced. Yep. It took us FOUR MONTHS to close on a home, but Susie was pleasant the whole time and (probably was sick of us by the end) but never lost her enthusiasm or Optimistic attitude to help us score our dream home. She even gave us a wonderful closing gift at the end of the process! If you want the best home buying experience and Susie is an option, do not hesitate to ask for her! ESPECIALLY if this is your first home-buying rodeo!
    Zach gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie Cancelliere was the absolute perfect fit for my fiancee and I. She was extremely helpful, and answered every single one of my phone calls, texts, emails, etc. Sometimes I messaged her late at night or super early in the morning (buying a home for the first time will cause some scatter-brain) and she NEVER missed responding to me. Susie changed our lives for the better. We ended up in the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood for the perfect price. We got everything we could have ever wanted in a first time home buying experience from Susie. I will absolutely be forcing my friends/family to use her for real estate purchases. Example of excellence: My fiancee and I really really wanted one of the first houses we looked at. It was cute, in a good neighborhood, and affordable. However, there were some strange things about it. After talking to Susie for a long time about it and basically asking her "look. what should we do?", we decided NOT to put an offer in. Looking back, Susie saved our butts. This house would have been a pretty big mistake financially. THANK GOODNESS FOR SUSIE. Example #2: Susie pretty much forced me to get a camera sewer inspection on the house I now own. This test is an added expense during inspection (extra 100-200 bucks) which is never fun, but she strongly recommended I get one, so I did. This camera sewer inspection ended up saving me $7,000. Even though all the plumbing in the house worked perfectly, the camera test discovered a crack in the sewage pipe near the street - 8 feet under ground. The sellers had to pay to get it fixed before our closing date. I can't even IMAGINE what disasters this could have caused down the road. Without Susie recommending the test, who knows what would have happened.... Thank you Susie, and anyone who reads this who is looking for a great, friendly, honest realtor - YOU FOUND HER
    Jake gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was wonderful. We couldn't have asked for a more helpful and knowledgeable realtor. My wife and I recently bought a house in a new area. Susie was more than willing to accommodate us to see as many houses in one day as possible (we were over an hour away). She even pointed out some key things we should be looking for (like straight walls and anchors in the basement). Susie also has great contacts if your not 100% sure who you want to use for a mortgage or inspections. But she wasn't pushy about any of them. You can use whoever you want but if you don't know who you want then she'll send you some options. She was great with keeping us informed and was very quick to get back to us with any questions we had. She is also very friendly and easy to talk to. She is professional but yet it was like having one of your friends help you buy a house. We never felt intimidated or like we had dumb questions. She was more than willing to answer any and all questions. We will definitely recommend Susie to anyone that wants to buy a house.
    Livia gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    I worked with Susie both through the buying and selling process. She was timely, efficient, professional, available, and most importantly always had my back. I will definitely use Susie for any real estate needs I have in the future.
    Eric gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie was a huge blessing in our home-finding journey. She is so helpful and kind, and she knows so much about the realty business that it makes it easy to trust her and to work alongside of her. If you haven't gotten in contact with her already- you're missing out! We love our new home and she was an essential part of the entire process
    Alex gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Myself being a 1st time home buyer was intimidating and I can't say enough how lucky I was to be able to work with Susie throughout the whole process. From the beginning, she quickly responded to all my emails with questions I had about home buying, encouraged me to pick some houses so she could better understood what was important to me, and went above and beyond every expectation I had during the more difficult parts of the buying process. During the process of viewing homes, Susie pointed out things I would have missed like water damage, structural problems, and pest outbreaks because she was looking out for my best interests. When I found the home I wanted to make an offer on, Susie not only helped me find multiple contacts for home inspection but also helped me organize having an electrician and mason come by the house to give me estimates on fixes I wanted to complete. Once we got to negotiations, Susie guided me on a strategic offer that convinced the seller to make a few updates to the house and not increase the sales price. Jumping ahead to the day we closed, Susie presented me with a neatly organized binder of every document, warranty, and important piece of information I would need in the me, this was a life saver. While working with Susie, I found my perfect house within 1 month. I strongly recommend her as a realtor and will be working with her on all my future homes. Thanks for making this a great experience Susie!
    Beth gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Look no further, I would highly recommend Susie! She worked with my son who is in his early 20's as he pursued being a home owner for the first time. Susie went above and beyond in getting to know him and what he wanted in a property and home. Going through purchasing a home can be overwhelming but working with Susie was nothing but a pleasure. Her professionalism, responsiveness, knowledge and clear communication to TJ was impressive. This coupled with her great personality and eagerness to work to ensure TJ understood each step of the process was nothing but class act. A true professional with compassion for her clients
    Kylie gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Working with Susie was amazing from the very beginning. She made me feel so much less intimidated by the experience of buying a house for the first time! She is also just a wonderfully kind person and a lot of fun to spend time with. I would recommend her to anyone. She truly made an experience that seems very scary a lot of fun. I'm extremely grateful that I found her (through a recommendation from a friend)! I will be recommending her to everyone I know and will definitely use her for further home buying/selling.
    Michael gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie is professional, responsible, and super knowledgable. I'm going to recommend her to anyone I know in need of a great real estate agent!
    robert gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    When we first met Susie my wife and I both asked each other what single word best described her. We both responded in unison - Honest. Susie created an instant bond of trust and confidence with us. We knew right away that we could count on her for real, sincere, down to earth information and advice. From that trust grew a friendship and knowledge that she was in our corner every step of the way. Susie truly cares about her clients. She will stop at nothing to make sure they are happy and genuinely strives for each desired outcome. Susie is dedicated. She takes calls and messages anytime of the day and makes you feel like you are her only client; though you know she is juggling the same needs of so many other clients. Anyone would be so lucky to have the opportunity of working with Susie. We have been recommending her to everyone we know! Thank you Susie!
    Jessica gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Working with Susie was the best home-buying experience we could have ever asked for. We were coming from across the country and didn't know much about the area, and Susie really helped us to understand what we should be looking for in a Pittsburgh-area home. We weren't set on a specific neighborhood, and she was able to use our interests and preferences to find numerous places in the South Hills that fit our needs. With her help we were able to explore so many different areas and neighborhoods, and get a really good sense of the city we were moving to. We didn't feel pressured at all, yet she also found so many great listings across the area that were exactly what we were looking for. Sometimes it seems like a realtor is just there to do the paperwork in the end, but Susie was there every step of the way as a wonderful and friendly guide on our journey to make the biggest purchase we've made in years. Moving cross-country can be stressful and difficult, but it was made so much easier and more fun having Susie as our realtor. We will miss exploring homes with Susie's company, expertise, and bright personality, but we are incredibly happy with the perfect home she helped us find!
    Dave gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    "I originally came into contact with Susie after inquiring about one of her listings. After about a ten minute conversation about her listing I new she was the agent I wanted to work with. Susie was very responsive, knowledgeable, and answered any questions I had almost immediately. If she didn't know she found out quickly. I so much appreciate her help as I was going through a divorce and didn't have to deal with the small things that come along with buying a house. Look no further Susie is as good as they get as a realtor! Thanks again Susie" I appreciate it!!
    Melissa gave Susie 5 stars out of 5
    Susie is absolutely THE BEST! She goes above and beyond for her clients. She listens, she cares, and she returns calls and texts immediately. The time and effort she put in to sell my mother's house was phenomenal, the videos, her visions for what the house could become, amazing. I would highly recommend Susie to anyone..and will definitely use her again

    My Experience

    • 375+ homes sold over a 17 year career in real estate
    • Top 200 Agent Coldwell Banker Pittsburgh Division 2020, 2019
    • International Sterling Society 2020; an elite-level recognition among the top Coldwell Banker® independent sales professionals across the globe
    • Was awarded ROOKIE OF THE YEAR 2019 my first year in the Pittsburgh real estate market
    • 12 years specializing in active adult buyers (aged 55 and better)
    • Created marketing pieces for a Fortune 500 company, sent to thousands of customers
    • Was awarded Sales Person of the Year for the South East Division of a Fortune 500 company- outselling over 150 highly trained sales professionals
    • Designed floor plans for a custom home builder
    • Helped open one of the most successful active adult communities in the country - selling over 400 homes in the Grand Opening month.

    My Credentials and Memberships

    • ROOKIE OF THE YEAR- Pittsburgh Division- 2019
    • Realtor- Member of the National Association of Realtors
    • Dean's list at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Kenan-Flagler Business School

    My Community Involvement

    • Co-chair of the Mt. Lebanon Garage Sale. In 2021 we hosted over 70 participants!
    • Active supporter of the Make a Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia- each year Coldwell Banker South Hills office sponsors a Holiday breakfast where all proceeds are donated to the Make a Wish Foundation. Last year over $30,000 was raised.
    • Co-chair of the Upper St. Clair Bake-Off. It is one of the biggest events for their Community Day. Children grades K- 12 submit confectionary creations to be judged by local "celebrities". Each grade category receives CASH prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

    Local Insights

    My Blog

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