Megan Callahan spent 10 years negotiating with governors and senators as a government relations representative at a top-tier lobbying firm in Harrisburg. She now brings those unique skills in sales, marketing, coalition-building, problem-solving and negotiating to her valued real estate clients.

    Her experience in partnering with a vast array of clients to represent their best interests makes her a versatile strategist, a quick-study, and an articulate advocate. She has proven her talent in doing the research, building the relationships, and landing upon the solutions that minimize risk and get results.

    As a wife and working mom, Megan embraces the world of real estate and welcomes the opportunity to indulge her love of house-hunting and interior design.

    Megan appreciates the Harrisburg area, with its central location, is within easy travel distance to New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and other major metropolitan centers. Still, it is an affordable place to live and raise a family, with good schools and accessible shopping.

    As a graduate of Cumberland Valley High School, Megan was born and raised in the area. She studied Business and English at the University of Delaware, tapping into her innate communications, marketing and analytical skills to become a skilled strategic thinker, speaker and doer.

    As she segues from crafting legislation in the halls of the Capitol to finding dream homes in the picturesque neighborhoods of the midstate, Megan is committed to always working closely with her clients, both commercial and residential, every step of the way, to find that perfect match between building and buyer.