Are you emotionally attached to your home?

    Are you emotionally attached to your home?

    Mar 11, 2018

    You and the spouse have talked for months about moving to a much needed larger home for your growing family. Even after all the talk and online house shopping, you have not been able to put the sale/move into motion. If you keep postponing making the call to your Realtor friend, there may be deeper reasons than you realize.

    Moving from a home where your family has memories can be very emotional. Your home is where your son learned to ride a bicycle in the driveway; where your daughter drew flowers on the bathroom wall, and where you painstakingly picked every paint color and painted each and every room when you moved in. Admit it, you're attached to your home, and rightfully so.

    So how do you give it all up to move on to another house? How do you deal with the emotions? You find the perfect new home and get excited about the next chapter in your family's lives. A new home gives the family an opportunity to create new memories and stories. When it's time to house shop, involve the entire family - take the kids to see the potential new home; let them pick out their bedrooms. I think you'll find they may not be as attached to 'home' as you thought they were.

    Yes, there are lots of other factors and reasons to postpone making the move; I'll write about others in the near future. Stay tuned!