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    Jillian Turner

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    Has anyone actually told you about ALL the communities in Summit County? They are endless! So, let's just talk. I want to get to know you and understand your needs as you move forward in your home buying process. Do you have a specific neighborhood in mind? Will you be living in our community full time? Will you need information on local lenders? Maybe you want to rent your new property and...
    Has anyone actually told you about ALL the communities in Summit County? They are endless! So, let's just talk. I want to get to know you and understand your needs as you move forward in your home buying process. Do you have a specific neighborhood in mind? Will you be living in our community full time? Will you need information on local lenders? Maybe you want to rent your new property and discuss your Return on Investment? No matter what your situation might be, I have time to meet and discuss all of your options. Owning property in a resort community is very exciting and has its own unique set of qualifications. This can be very different from other communities and having a long time local realtor will help you get the inside 'scoop' on each neighborhood. Having lived in this community for nearly 30 years, I can help you with all of your questions. Come see me to learn more about our mountain town communities.

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    Bob gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was wonderful! She was knowledgeable, walked us through the entire process from pricing to listing to closing, with a wonderful, positive attitude, always available, and made sure our place was ready for showings when we weren't there. We couldn't have asked for anything more.
    Jana gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    We found our forever home in Frisco after 4+ years! Thanks to Jillian, we were able to work with the builder to customize the 4-bedroom townhouse. She worked tirelessly with us, sending emails & videos, even with a foot of snow on the ground! Jillian was determined to help us get exactly what we wanted. She is not lazy & goes the extra mile. I We highly recommend her!
    Eric gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian took careful time to find the right property for us, scheduling convenient showings and assisting us every step of the way. She is a caring and thoughtful person, who I would highly recommend.
    Chad gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    It was a pleasure to work with Jillian! Great communication and she accommodated my buyers needs from beginning to end. She smoothed things over even when small hurdles were presented. Thanks, Jillian!
    Ron gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian get me posted on all of the developments and handled all of the problems so that I had 100% confidence our sale would go through. If you are looking for an agent who handles everything and gets the sale closed call Jillian
    Ron gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was fantastic, she took such great care of us and provided all of the information we needed. I strongly recommend Jillian to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate. Her dedication to detail was amazing
    Viva gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    I met Jillian Turner while working at Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties as an office assistant to brokers. While interacting with Jillian as a support agent I observed and witnessed Jillian's strengths in her interactions and negotiating skills with clients and other buying and selling agents, her knowledge of real estate transactions and Summit County, her attention to detail, her honest and responsive communication with clients and colleagues, and her dedication to her profession. These observations led me to recommend her to very close friends of mine interested in purchasing several lots to build investment properties. I do not take referrals lightly and rarely do them especially for close friends. My friends bought two lots with Jillian's help and she went above and beyond to set them up with an architect, builder and other professionals to enable them to move forward with their plans. They could not be more pleased with their purchases and continue to work with Jillian on future real estate investment opportunities. If you are looking for the best real estate professional in Summit County, make Jillian Turner your agent.
    Jim gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian has helped up buy and sell 2 condos in the Keystone resort. What is so incredible about Jillian is her ability to understand what her clients want/need during the buying and selling process. Both the condos we bought at Keystone were bought "sight unseen." Jillian understood what we wanted and based on her review of the units we bought exactly what we wanted. Jillian listed our second condo and it sold for the listed price in one week. She is incredibly responsive to the needs and desires of her clients. When we get back in the Colorado real estate market we will definitely be in touch with Jillian Turner.
    Jim gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian has been more than a real estate agent, she has almost become part of the family. We have bought 2 condos at Keystone in the last 3-4 years both of which we are extremely happy with. The incredible thing is that we bought them both sight unseen, based on Jillian's review of the units. I cannot image buying another property in Summit County with Jillian's help and guidance. I have never dealt with another agent(and I have dealt with many over the last 45 years)that I would trust more than Jillian. On every trip to CO we look forward to seeing her.
    Rene gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian Turner has been an outstanding realtor, who has also become a good friend. We actually met Jillian several years ago, while touring the town of Frisco, Colorado. She was leaving the office, and just casually spoke to us, which led to a conversation. Jillian was so enthusiastic about the town, the people, and the many activities in the area. She suggested ideas for us to consider in the following days. We asked for her contact information, but being from Mississippi, we had NO thoughts of purchasing real estate in Colorado. On our first trip out to view areas and real estate, a hurricane developed in the Gulf and we were forced to fly home without having time to view any properties. I am sure Jillian thought she would not see us again. Fast forward 5 years, and we have bought 2 condos....BOTH sight unseen.... Jillian listened to our thoughts, and knew what we were looking for, and when she found it, we followed through with her judgement, and trusted her totally. She was right on the spot with both condos, and we were extremely pleased. In both selling and purchasing property, Jillian has been extremely professional with her research, details, and negotiating. We know that she is representing us, but she is also considerate of the other party involved. It has been such a pleasure getting to know Jillian. She has such a positive outlook, approaches everything with a smile, or laughter, and just honestly, makes the world a better place. I think the one sentence that sums up how we feel about her, is whenever we meet anyone considering Colorado for real estate, we ALWAYS tell them about Jillian, her strength as a realtor, and give them her number. Having used her 4 times in the past, I can honestly say we will use her again!
    Rene gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    We met Jillian while exploring Frisco, C0, 4 years ago. Her personality captured us, and several months later we decided to contact her to look at vacation homes in CO. To keep this brief, I will give you several traits I know to describe Jillian. Her integrity is one of the top qualities she has. This is important to us because it shows she has respect for us, as the purchasing party, respect for herself, as a person, a realtor, and a representative for Caldwell Banker, and also respect for the sellers. She possesses great communication skills personally and professionally. She is extremely self-motivated and knowledgeable... keeping us abreast of changes in the Keystone area, paying attention to details of condos being bought and sold, and also focusing on our specific needs and interests. We have trusted Jillian enough and recognized her ability to know our desires, that both of the condos we have purchased in the Keystone Resort, have been bought sight-unseen. Jillian has been a wonderful resource person for not only real estate, but also local interest for where to go, what to do and how best to do it. I must add that over the years, she has become much more than an agent to us. She has become a special friend, and has taken a personal interest in our lives and staying in touch to know about us. I am so pleased to know her and to be ab le to share my thoughts about Jillian, both professionally and personally. Rene Mitchell
    Ravindra gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    I feel blessed to be working with Jillian and having the benefit of her deep knowledge and dedication in helping navigate the intense buying market here in Summit County. She has been very intentional in helping me find exactly what I'm looking for, while also being very clear and communicative throughout the process in educating me and managing my expectations. I certainly know I'd be worse off without her support and intuitive capability to guide me in a positive way. I really appreciate her for this and would highly recommend anyone to work with her and gain from her insight, ability, kindness and expertise. Thank you so much, Jillian!!
    Kerri gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was excellent to work with - total team player and a positive attitude as well. Jillian paid close attention to detail and seemed very organized throughout the entire process.
    Nikita gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian is a very professional real estate broker. If you need anything, she is very easy to reach and get any question you got answered. Will get everything done right the first time. Highly recommend her!!!
    Vijey gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian is thorough and professional, upfront, and was easy to reach to answer any of our questions at all times. Very personable and easy to work with! She helped us with several transactions! Highly recommend her :)
    Panita and Preston gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian helped us with our vacation property purchase back in 2018, and the experience was so excellent that we returned to her again when we were looking for our permanent place in Summit county. Could not be happier with the services she provided throughout. Jillian helped us stay on course with what we were looking for, and her advices and connections as a local were invaluable to the whole process. She knows our needs so well, and was able to help us pinpoint the right area and community that suits our needs. Her communications are on point, in time and proactive. We have since then recommended her to our friends, family and literally anyone we know are looking in Summit county.
    Stephen gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    As first time home buyers, we came into the process with very little knowledge of the home-buying process. Jillian took the time to educate us through each step, offering support whenever we needed. Jillian responded to texts and calls extremely quick, and was excellent at communicating updates. She was very down to earth and easy to work with. She was always able to get us viewings of properties we were interested in within 24 hours. Jillian has many years of experience working with home buyers in Summit County, and it shows in her knowledge of the market, and her connections within the community. And on top of that, she's a really nice person, always showing up with the best energy. Would 100% work with her in the future.
    Lauren gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was amazing to work with. Personable, caring, helpful, and empowering. We feel so lucky!
    Crystal gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    As a first time home buyer, I was very inexperienced and had many questions. Jillian was always available to help me through the process and I became fully confident and knowledgeable about my decisions. She was not only patient, but an amazing resource for me. We found the perfect home and I am so grateful for her professionalism and dedication throughout this journey. I would highly recommend her for your real estate needs.
    Patrice gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian's positive and can-do attitude made our experience virtually stress free. Her consistent, gentle reminders of what to do now, what to expect, and "sign here" were invaluable. She was never too busy to help us out and always responded promptly to our many inquiries. Jillian is a delight to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.
    Ross gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was an absolute delight and professional working with my family and I on our new home. She is a lot of fun and always passed along her infectious energy! We look forward to working with Jillian for years down the road!
    Tatiana gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was a gift for us during this process! Thank you so much for being so wonderful, for your patience and for showing us this great house we call home! I love your energy, your professionalism and your passion for what you do. Continue being awesome and bringing happiness to others around you! Ps: Thank you for the beautiful gift you left at our new home, you are very kind and thoughtful!
    Gabrielle gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    I've worked with Jillian on the lending side of her transactions and she is the ultimate professional. She takes GREAT care of her clients and focuses on every detail to ensure a smooth closing. Her clients are in GREAT hands with Jillian…. She is the best !!!
    Lori gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    My team and I had the pleasure of working with Jillian on a transaction for a mutual longtime client. Jillian's knowledge and communication throughout the transaction was great and we love that she puts her clients needs first! We are looking forward to the next time we have an opportunity to work with Jillian and her clients! - Lori Richardson, Cornerstone Home Lending, Vice President, NMLS 272264
    Dawn gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was perfect for me! She has so much patience! I looked around for many months and saw many properties. She never made me feel I was wasting her time. She kept me on track at all times and explained every step of the way. She went above and beyond to help me. Jillian is extremely professional and I appreciate all she has done to make my dreams come true!
    Terri gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    I dont know where to begin! Jillian was such a pleasure to work with. She took so much time to explain things in an understandable way, and was always very prompt about getting back to me. She provided me with contacts in the trades, went to Lowes to pickup needed items, met with the building manager several times to assist in addressing an inspection item. She made the entire process a VERY positive experience during a difficult time for my family. I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend Jillian to assist you in buying/selling property! I not only found a truly remarkable Real Estate Agent, but I also gained a new friend! Thank you just is not enough for all you have done!
    Risa gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was wonderful to work with - professional and thorough. Will definitely work with her again on future Breck properties.
    Devin gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    We first met Jillian a couple of years ago at her Open House. We were initially struck by her '˜down to earth'™ personality. She made us feel so welcome. Since then Jillian has been keeping in touch with our Family and answering any and all questions we have as we get closer to making the move to Colorado! She is so patient with us and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. We consider her a friend now and cannot wait to find the perfect slopeside home in Breckenridge when it'™s our time. If you'™re looking for a Realtor who listens, who is patient and has roots in the community, Jillian is the perfect person for you!
    Devin gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    We first met Jillian a couple of years ago at her Open House. We were initially struck by her '˜down to earth'™ personality. She made us feel so welcome. Since then Jillian has been keeping in touch with our Family and answering any and all questions we have as we get closer to making the move to Colorado! She is so patient with us and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. We consider her a friend now and cannot wait to find the perfect slopeside home in Breckenridge when it'™s our time. If you'™re looking for a Realtor who listens, who is patient and has roots in the community, Jillian is the perfect person for you!
    Joe gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    My fav parts of working with Jillian: she provided a casual approach to an extremely detail and and often stressful real estate project which made it go very smoothly. We didn'™t want some sort of 'œshark' real estate agent so was trying to squeeze the seller for every penny: Jillian made us feel both comfortable and well-informed. But! She does ride a motorcycle'”so she may be able to fulfill the shark real estate agent I'™d that'™s what you'™re looking for. She also added in some clauses to our contract that I'™ll be using in all my future real estate deals going forward. We did lose two places we looked at to more aggressive bidders. For us, that was fine. If you'™re looking for Jillian to be aggressive, tell her to do that. We didn'™t want to move until we were sure; Jillian saw that and let us steer the course. A real pleasure to work with. Thanks
    Tom gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    As a home inspector, worked with Jillian on a long distance transaction that was somewhat difficult requiring a second trip. Jillian went on and above in making all parties happy and my job easier. She rates as a top realtor in my book - she's wonderful. Tom Gordy, Alpine Property Inspections
    Adrienne gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was such a pleasure to work with. Prompt, professional, and personable to use alliteration :) The market in the mountain towns is very fast moving, making communication key! Jillian always came prepared to showings and quickly answered any questions that arose. Plus she is just a fun person! I can't recommend her enough :)
    Troy gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    I am a Denver metro agent and I asked Jillian to help out some clients of mine up in Summit County as they needed some local knowledge and Intel in the area. Jillian was very responsive to my clients needs and was able to find them what they were looking for as in investment. She did a great job and I will definitely keep her in mind for any future referrals that i may need to send her way. Awesome job Jillian!!
    Kevin gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian's communication was excellent. She let us know what and when to expect all the steps in making a home purchase. The whole process was low stress with no surprises. She was a pleasure to work with.
    Vince gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was great to work with. She has all the strengths needed to sell a home. Very attentive to our needs, good listener, and acted quickly to our requests. I highly recommend Jillian.
    Arlette gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was a pleasure to work. She is positive, through and responsive! Jillian always returned our phone calls promptly and kept us updated on everything. You know those empty flyer boxes in front of peoples homes; that wont happen with with Jillian as your realtor! In short, what is normally a very stressful experience went smoothly due to her professionalism, attention to detail and positive energy. We would highly recommend her! Vince and Arlette Boehning
    Jenny gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Julian was a fantastic realtor for us. She got us over all the many hurdles we faced with this purchase. Her positive attitude and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. I would be more than happy to pass your name on to anybody who is looking for real estate in the area she was wonderful.
    Tommy gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was instrumental in getting me to closing since it was a bit toiling....but she got it done
    Bowen gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Penultimate professional in every regard: Jillian was integral to the disposition of our mountain vacation home in Colorado, answering every question, coordinating every entity and pre-sale pre-requisite, and ensuring the transaction was flawless for us as sellers, an attractive feature certainly for the purchasers. Trustworthy, ever-timely, ever-thorough: Jillian was the perfect complement to this real estate transfer and I would endorse her as an agent without hesitation or reservation. Not enough superlatives.
    Jeanne gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was the best we had worked with her for over 3 years and she patiently waited for us to commit. She was amazing and so professional yet very warm and easy to deal with. Extremely knowledgeable and amazing follow through on every aspect. We had the best and hard working realtor. We highly recommend anyone to be her realtor. Thanks to Jillian for ALL her hardwork and patience. Great experience.
    Thomas gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    I had some pretty specific requirements with pricing, location, and my own personal pickiness, and Jillian stuck with me every inch of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my first home. With no family to speak of, she was the only person I had to go to for advice and she never let me down. Thank you so much for everything!!!!
    Seth gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    I have worked with Jillian a couple times now. She has been great help for me to complete my jobs. Looking forward to working with her in the future.
    Chad gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was absolutely amazing to work with. She literally worked day and night with us and there were many times we were on the phone at 8:00 at night. She made sure to explain every detail in every step we took through the process. We had some interesting circumstances come up through out our process and she made sure that everything was laid out and we could make the best decision on all aspects. She has been extremely dedicated to making sure we were completely satisfied with everything that we decided to do. Jillian was extremely organized which really made this process seem to go through smoothly even with the hiccups that we encountered. I think the best thing Jillian did for us was her communication with everyone through the process. Since we have 2 families purchasing a home, she kept all of us on the same page and kept us all on task so we got everything taken care of. I would highly recommend Jillian to anyone with the utmost confidence that they would have as great of an experience buying a piece of property as I did. If anyone would like to talk to me directly for my thoughts and feelings towards the type of agent she has been I would be honored to let them know how great she is!!!
    Craig gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian has been working with us for some 3 years off and on. We have been so close to buying a mountain place and she has always been the most positive, informative, and resourceful person one could ever wish for. Her attention to detail is second to none and you should feel very fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional person as Jillian Turner representing your company. Craig Duncan
    Aubrie gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was PHENOMENAL to work with! She was incredibly on the ball at keeping US on the ball! Her organization was top notch, and her communication was thorough. She was available whenever we needed, no questions asked. Even now that our sale is final, she continues to be available, which is clearly above and beyond. I could not possibly recommend her more!
    Karin gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    We had a great experience with Jillian. She sold our home within a day for a cash offer. We would recommend her to anyone
    David gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    When it came time to list our vacation home we interviewed several Realtors. Jillian's name came up as a top agent. We chose her and Coldwell Banker above several other firms and were immediately impressed. Jillian held an open house within two days of signing the listing agreement and got us an all-cash offer near the asking price within a day. We closed in less than 30 days and are very happy. We would recommend Jillian to anyone who wanted to buy or sell in Summit County
    Meredith gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    I am a Denver Realtor who referred business to Jillian...she did a fantastic job selling my friend's Silverthorne home! She had a high level of communication with my friends, as well as with keeping me in the loop during the course of the sale. Her marketing plan was excellent & she sold the home extremely quickly!
    Jeff gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian was awesome! I was the mortgage banker who financed our mutual clients and she kept the communication line open with our team here to make it easier for us to close the client's loan on time! Strongly recommend her as an agent to work with.
    Ron gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    My wife and I recently purchased a beautiful home in Breckenridge, CO. Jillian Turner (Coldwell Banker) was our agent. We gave Jillian a list of our parameters , i.e., price range, size, location, and view. She compiled a list of 12-15 homes that met most or all of our "wish list" items. She was able to timely schedule viewings of our top 6-8 candidates. After exhausting the original list we modified our list and were able to locate "the house". Jillian was very helpful and totally professional in the negotiation, inspection, and closing processes . She worked extremely well with the seller's agent. Post-closing she tapped into her local knowledge and network to source various vendors for us...cleaning services, house managers, etc. We were extremely pleased with her representation.
    Bill gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    Jillian Turner is by far your best choice for a realtor in Summit County and many surrounding adjacent areas! She is super professional and personable as well. I've been buying and selling real estate for over 30 years in Colorado. Jillian displays the great attitude and skills it takes to purchase and sell properties astoundingly quick. In fact, one property of mine went under contract days! She has an amazing ability to recognize values, markets, and appreciation potentials. My personal experience with Jillian started several years back when I was having many issues with another prominent nationwide real estate sales company. The other agents seemed to be dropping the ball right and left with very rare occasions for communication. This simply will not be the case with Jillian Turner! In the years that she has assisted me with sales and purchases, I also know that she has helped many of my friends and family purchase, sell, and gain knowledge of the mountain housing markets. Jillian has been nothing but a complete pleasure to work with always, and will be an asset to your real estate interests... as well as any agencies she works with! Jillian is the one you want on your team! She is patient rather than pushy, and is willing to go above and beyond the needs and wants of individuals or families searching to buy/ sell property in the Colorado Summit County housing market! I confidently recommend her to friends, family, and interested parties looking for someone that will work hard for them and be honest! William Burkhardt II, Leadville, Colorado
    SALLY gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    We have been working with Jillian for several months and are so comfortable with her knowledge and willingness to show us properties from Breckenridge to Silverthorne. She is always available when we call and is ready to answer any questions we have. It is obvious she loves her job and always maintains a sense of humor. Previewing property can be exhausting and Jillian keeps us smiling the whole time! Sally Ting
    EKO gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    'My experience with Jillian has been very professional. Her ability to locate so many homes that match our specific needs has been wonderful. She is always relaxed and prepared for the next set of questions we throw her way. Anytime we ask her to check into something, she follows through in a timely fashion. I couldn't ask for a better broker to get us to where we want to be. Sincerely, Eko Wiono'
    Ann gave Jillian 5 stars out of 5
    I was so fortunate to have worked with Jillian Turner at Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties. I was a first time home/condo buyer, and now have been in my home for over a year. Jillian is passionate about real estate. I really enjoyed her proactive personality from the moment we started the search to the negotiating to the closing. I appreciate her giving me other professional contacts whose services would be needed during this process. They were extremely helpful for me as a first time home buyer. I felt that her residing in the area close to 30 years gave her great knowledge of the local market. Jillian always made me feel that I was a priority. She made sure I understood the entire process. Jillian always answered my calls, texts and emails promptly. She has a great sense of humor and always made me laugh. Thanks for that! Jillian made my home buying experience an exciting one and I look forward to working with Jillian and her team on the next one!

    My Credentials and Memberships

    • International Diamond Society 2019 - Top 12% of CB Agents in the world
    • International Diamond Society 2020 - Top 12% of CB Agents in the world
    • International Presidents Circle 2021 - Top 7% of CB Agents in the world
    • RSPS: Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS) is a REALTOR® certification. We are specialists in buying and selling resort and second home properties.
    • SAS: Summit Area Specialist. A designation given to realtors who have surpassed a certain transactional performance within Summit County. This designation is a wholistic endeavor deepening my knowledge of Summit County's history, volunteering, connecting to government affairs and understanding the intrinsic values that make our personal and professional lives connect.

    My Community Involvement

    • 2017-2018: As a company, Coldwell Banker Brokers often lend a hand to our local charities. We take a lot of pride giving back to the community that we live in. Whether it's the animal shelter, local food banks, cooking and serving meals or volunteering for events supporting cancer awareness, you will notice that we, as brokers of Coldwell Banker get involved! It is a great opportunity to pay it forward to a community that has given so much to me and my family.
    • 2019: Committee Chair for Coldwell Banker's sponsorship - Strider for Life fundraiser for Summit County Flight For Life & Search and Rescue crews.2019-2020 - Team Member - Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties statewide sponsorship of Susan G Komen Colorado2019 - Team Member - Snowshoe For The Cure, Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties2018 - Team Member - OutRun Diabetes for Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties' sponsorship2018 - Team Member - Homes For Dogs Project, Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties
    • 2021: A proud volunteer for the Rotary Club. As a company our donation was proudly given. I represented our company by presenting the donation and participating in the annual Vintage Baseball tournament. The money raised by this event goes back into our local community for education and other important programs that assist our mountain community!
    • 2021-2022: A proud volunteer/fundraiser for Summit County Historical Society. A beautiful organization that allows for the continued education of the inception and history of Summit County. As a company we proudly sponsor the annual Vintage Baseball tournament. As a long time local I assist in fundraising for this event for the betterment of the Summit County Historical Society.

    Local Insights



    Welcome to Altitude!-By Harry Canales

    Welcome to Frisco, Colorado-Altitude 9,097 ft! We are surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, with many peaks reaching over 14,000 ft of elevation. Whether it is your first visit, or you are a seasoned returnee, many people have to deal with altitude sickness (also known as Acute Mountain Sickness, AMS) upon arriving at our mountain mecca. Symptoms of mild to moderate acute mountain sickness may include:•            Headache
• &nbs...
    May 27, 2022 Lifestyle


    John "Turk" Montepare, of Breckenridge, has joined the Great Outdoors Colorado board, according to the group.Two people from each of Colorado's seven congressional districts are appointed to GOCO's 17-member board by the governor and confirmed by the Colorado Senate. The executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and two representatives from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife commission also are on the board.According to a news release, Montepare has been involved in real es...
    Jun 19, 2019 Community

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