The score is 7 - 5, and we have the lead. I know how the game of baseball can shift with just one swing of the bat, and that is exactly what happened. It was something I had been considering all game, the different factors that could affect the outcome of the most important battle of the entire season, the State Championship.

    I knew what I could do. I knew the value I could provide and what my team was getting with me out there on that field... but they share my thoughts. The player in the position I deserved, proved exactly why I should have been out there. As I said before, it takes one swing and everything changes. Next thing we know, there are two runners coming in to score to tie it all up 7 - 7, only because the "better" player let a ground ball go right between his legs. He was doing the best he could, for the position he was put in. The coaches, finally realizing they need a change, subbed me in to replace him. I knew it was finally my time to prove myself to everyone that my skills had been neglected all season long. The very next pitch I caught a hard-hit line drive, too easy. The next batter hit a ground ball in my direction and I had to get moving fast, diving to my left to make the stop and throw him out at first base. I had once again proven myself. At this point I thought, "They finally understand what I am capable of, I just wish it didn't take all season for them to realize." I was as happy as could be... for five more minutes.

    After making two big plays for the team, and being the happiest I was all season, I was taken out of the game. The coaches were giving time for the original player, who started at my position, to "calm down and gather" himself. This was a slap in my face, because I had just proven myself, but they revert back to the player that was one major cause of us losing the game. Yes, we ended up losing the state championship. Could it have been prevented? Maybe. This was another lesson learned for me. Even if you prove you are the best, you still might not be chosen. Life is not fair, this is reality. Does it mean I stop being myself? Does it mean I stop working hard day in and day out? Absolutely not! This tough lesson made me an even stronger person and has morphed me into who I am today.

    Every shower brings a flower, as long as you look at it with the right perspective. This event made me work harder than ever before, which resulted in me elevating my skills to an even higher level. New opportunities were on the horizon. I was blessed with the ability to play up with the older and more developed players because I was simply on another level compared to my counterparts. While my old teammates were still playing in little league, I was playing with the middle school team. I could do this because I spent hours throwing a tennis ball against the side of my house and making the play once it bounced back to me. I could do this because I would spend countless hours and weekends in the batting cage working on my stance and swing, trying to find any way to leverage my game so I could be the absolute best player I could be, for myself and for my team. I continued to play baseball throughout middle school and transitioned to high school, where I had a hands-on coach that saw what I could do for the team, with no politics involved. I enjoyed my days playing the game I love, but now I enjoy working in the career I love!

    I am extremely thankful for the challenges I have had to overcome and the life lessons I have learned. It has made me the best REALTOR® for my clients. If you want a REALTOR® that values you as a client, makes communication a priority, provides top notch marketing and professional representation, then look no further. Let me go to work for you!

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