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    Robert has been in the Real Estate business for 14 years, and he is the Global Luxury Specialist for Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee Realty. Professionalism, negotiating and communication are three characteristics that set Robert apart and proves to be an asset in serving his clients.
    He understands selling real estate in gated golf communities requires a unique skill set. Robert knows and understands the rules, regulation and requirements of the community he works and lives.
    Robert's clients range from first time home buyers to professional athletes and coaches to part-time lake house owners. The majority of his business flows through gated golf communities including Reynolds Lake Oconee, Cuscowilla and Harbor Club.
    His work ethic is unmatched. Robert will drop anything and everything to be available for his clients. He prides himself on confidentiality and being thorough and takes a hands-on approach to buying and selling real estate.
    Robert is dedicated to continually trying to better himself. Being a pro means continually working hard and paying attention to detail. He constantly sits down with clients to gain feedback on what he can do better in the future. He acknowledges that a home purchase is one of the most important transactions a person will make and takes his job of serving his clients very seriously.
    When he isn't working, Robert spends his time golfing and boating. He enjoys taking the boat out to watch the sunset with his wife Pam and grabbing a bite to eat with friends. Oftentimes, Robert will take clients on the boat to show them lakefront properties and give them a taste of the lake lifestyle.
    Robert is a pro in real estate, knows the lake area well and understands how the community's work. He and his wife call the lake area home, and he wants to help others find their dream home, so they too can live like a pro.

    My Client Testimonials

    My wife and I have bought and sold about a dozen homes during our forty years together. Since the deals closed, obviously our agents did their jobs, some better than others, but we thought we had seen it all. So, when we contacted Robert Boatright, imagine our surprise to discover that our expectations had been too low, and that Robert would set new standards for what to seek in a real estate agent. Robert gave us his full attention. He was prepared, after a thorough discussion with us, with a full contingent of options in our price range. He gave us tours of the various golf course community options. He kept our best interests in the forefront throughout our negotiations, and, stayed on top of the details involved in those negotiations. Robert is able to anticipate potential roadblocks and has answers to suggest when they arise. He arranged for the various inspections, and then assisted us with obtaining estimates for the necessary repairs. At closing, he followed the details and ensured that all the is were dotted and ts, crossed. He helped us understand our options for golf club membership and assisted us with subsequent details, such as marina storage for our new boat. Robert does not consider his job to have been done after closing; he is always available when later questions arise. All in all, Robert made the process easy for us. Naturally, when we decided to look for a lake lot, we turned to Robert. His service was just as thorough and professional the second time. Whenever we decide to sell our lake properties (hopefully in the far-distant future), we will most certainly turn to Robert, once again. We have recommended Robert to our friends, several of whom have used Roberts services with the same happy results. Bruce Arians NFL Head Coach, Arizona Cardinals
    We had been searching for the perfect vacation/retirement home for several years. After exhausting our options on the east coast we decided to turn our attention to lakefront property and discovered Lake Oconee. We were lucky enough to get connected with Robert, and after the first call, we knew we had reached the right agent. Robert is extremely knowledgeable about Reynolds Plantation and the Lake Oconee area, and he took the time to listen to what we were looking for. After several trips his dedication (and patience) helped us find our dream home. He was there all through the negotiations and, once we reached an acceptable offer with the Sellers, he helped us navigate our way through the closing. We cant tell you how helpful that was given we were out of state. We are thrilled with our new home and would recommend Robert to anyone looking for a home in the area. Bryan and Debbie Rogan
    I am writing today to acknowledge the highest level of customer service that I have ever experienced in my real estate purchase history. Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee Realty provided this top shelf experience without a single flaw throughout the last six months of research, evaluation, negotiation and closing efforts. I congratulate you for putting together a team of individuals who are attentive and professional in all regards. In particular, my experience with your agent, Robert Boatright, was truly exceptional. Robert was on duty at the Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee office on a Saturday following a meeting that I attended at the Ritz Carlton Hotel last February. After walking in with no appointment, he received me and listened carefully to my request for a quick overview of the area real estate. His vision at this moment was to establish a relationship and it was brilliant. His follow up was at a high level and I never felt interrupted by his communication. It seemed like he was engaged and always current with my needs. We stayed in the resort area for a few weekends at Roberts recommendation and as anticipated, we felt like we were more comfortable selecting a suitable home for purchase. He expertly handled coordinating the offer and we out-negotiated another buyer for the same property who had reached a stalemate with the seller that week. I give Robert the credit for our success in this regard. Most importantly, it was Robert that insisted on ordering a new survey which revealed what could have become a potentially crippling financial outcome for me and my family. Based solely on his instincts and experience, a survey was completed that revealed a deficiency in the shoreline frontage for the dock on this property that could have negatively impacted my investment by $150,000 or more. The seller was notified of this shortage and it became their problem instead of mine. Now the seller was asking his legal team how this was missed instead of me possibly experiencing this liability one day in the future. Thanks to Robert, all issues were resolved by the seller and my purchase was eventually closed without event. Congratulations again for a great experience. I would be more than happy to have you share this testimonial with any future client. Best regards, Robert L. Waugh, Jr.
    I found Robert to be very accessible he was excellent in helping us negotiate with the seller and when we sold our house, he was extremely attentive to details of selling our home as well. I would highly recommend Robert Boatright for any property in the Lake Oconee area. D. Helton
    If you are looking for a house and/or agent in the Lake Oconee area- without a doubt- YOU WANT Robert Boatright!! My husband and I had been looking for a property on the lake for several years with different agents. During our first meeting with Robert, we felt like we'd known him for years. Robert was personable, honest, knowledgeable and extremely professional at times. In buying our home, we had a situation where we had to act quickly with a lot of fast turn around's. At all times we felt Robert had our best interest in mind and he was there for us every step of the way. He made a complicated process seem easy and flawless. Today, we have our dream house and we have a great friend at the lake, Robert Boatright. Harvey
    Through a friend of ours, we were introduced to Reynolds Plantation in Georgia. He used Robert for the purchase of his home and recommended him to us. This purchase was complicated by the fact that two parties were involved, ourselves and another couple. We were looking for a vacation home that would suit both couples. Robert worked with us for over a year and showed us countless homes. One thing we really liked is that he showed us a wide variety of styles and price ranges, many of which were not his listings. This was a key since we really did not know the area or the type of home that would really fit. The most interesting thing happened, Robert showed us one home on 3 separate occasions. At that time, home prices were changing, so this made sense, but the home had not been lived in for some time and did not show well. We ended up bidding on another home controlled by a bank. Robert told us at the time of bid that dealing with a bank would be different than dealing with a regular owner. How true that was...after two bids we gave up. Robert showed the other couple the same house that we each had seen before. He believed the owner to be motivated and encouraged us to consider bid, which we did. Robert handled the offer and multiple counter offers, a difficult home inspection and additional counter offer extremely well in a short period of time. He navigated us through all the issues and in the end we were able to close on the house within 30 days from the date of the first offer. Robert provided us with a tremendous amount of information during the selling process and until you can look back, you always wonder if it is all accurate. We have owned the house now for 3 1/2 years and we can tell you now everything Robert told us was true and accurate. He is very engaging, likable person, entirely professional and I would recommend him to anyone. As a result of this experience, we have become friends with he and his spouse and there is not better testament to a relationship than that. Cliff Keck
    This was my third time using Robert to help me with my Real Estate decision. Robert is very knowledgeable in the field and great to work with. I will never use any one else as long as he is in business. The thing I like about him most is that he made us feel like we were the most important clients he was working with. Phillip Stancil
    Robert Boatright is a consummate professional dedicated to his clients. He diligently works to find every client's desire within the budget allowed. His knowledge of the area is shear perfection, as there is nothing he is unaware of. He is always prepared, delivering the right property to a buyer or the right buyer to a property. He takes the time to know his clients needs. Robert represented us in the purchase of 2 homes in the Lake Oconee area; additionally, he sold one of those homes for us and every case, he handled all transactions with genuine integrity. Robert's pleasant personality helped take the stress out of the negotiation process as he is a trust worthy envoy making sure he represents all with excellence. We are happy to report Robert receives the highest of marks from us for we know of no better agent anywhere. He is the best! Renee' Cain
    Robert knows his market inside and out. He is professional and pleasant to deal with. He communicates well and always follows up immediately. We were away when the closing was scheduled. As happens often, there were some last minute issues that needed to be addressed and fixed with the buyers and their mortgage company. This situation required Robert to help out where he could and also get the extra documentation to us for timely execution. If he had not been timely here, the closing would have been delayed. Dick & Kitty Carling
    I have bought and sold a lot of real estate over the years at Reynolds and several other states around the country. Robert is without a doubt the best agent I have ever dealt with. He is professional, extremely knowledgeable, frank, hardworking and a great guy. He is already working on our behalf on another transaction. I have already recommended Robert to several friends interested in Lake Oconee properties. Bottom line is he gets my highest ratings. Dennis Duff
    Robert was amazing! He asked for information on what we were looking for and then provided us with multiple house listings that fit our criteria almost exactly. He really listened to our feedback on the listings he presented us with and then refined the search so that when we met with him to actually look at houses they were all houses that fit our wants and needs. One house in particular matched exactly what we were looking for so much so that we made an offer on a house after only one day of house hunting with Robert! Robert helped us immensely during the negotiation process and right on through closing. He never let anything fall through the cracks. We ended up with the BEST house on the lake at an amazing price!! What more could you ask for from a real estate agent? We have purchased and sold six houses over the years and we have never had a better agent than Robert. We can not say enough wonderful things about him and his professional expertise. Elizabeth Dagley
    Robert helped us in our purchase of a lot to build our dream house on. He explained the whole process in great detail and communicated with us every step of the way. We would not have been able to get that lot without his knowledge and help. Lisa Egan
    We were so lucky to get to work with Robert. He is absolutely incredible at his job. Robert worked hard to find what we were looking for in a home. He showed us several properties. He was extremely knowledgeable about the area and every property we visited. Once our decision was made he helped guide us through the entire home buying process. He was always available for advice and to answer our questions. He even got us in contact with local professionals before and even after the property was purchased. He and his contacts made our transition into our new home and community a smooth one! He would always contact us with updates and any additional information. My wife and I are so glad we were fortunate enough to get to know and work with Robert. Ben & Julie Roach
    Robert was absolutely wonderful! Very knowledgeable, and thorough! He had our backs during the entire process. We highly recommend you choosing Robert Boatright as your realtor. He is kind, honest, and extremely helpful. Jodie Meister
    Robert was a breath of fresh air for us in the real estate world! He is very knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, and patient and wanted what was best for us. He was very quick to answer every question we had and told and showed us so much about the area. He also had a contact for everything we needed after we wanted to do some remodeling of our new house. We would ask and he would respond with whatever we needed. My husband and I really enjoyed working with him to find our dream home in Reynolds! He helped make the process very fun and stress free. We will use him in the future for every real estate need! We very highly recommend Robert! Kari & Mitch
    Robert Boatright makes you feel comfortable in your real estate transaction.. He explains everything, clearly laying out options and offering helpful guidelines. He is always available and quick to respond to your inquiries. We were impressed with Robert's knowledge of the Lake Oconee area and his resources to help us. I would Highly recommend Robert! K. Estes
    As a practicing attorney, I found Mr. Boatright's level of professionalism outstanding. Robert has immense knowledge concerning Lake Oconee, as well as Reynolds Plantation and Cuscowilla. He was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, including after the sell. As a buyer, he was able to help us narrow down our search in just two Saturdays, and literally walked us through the entire process. Robert also possesses a keen ability to negotiate aggressively, yet very strategically, which is rare these days. I would not hesitate to recommend Robert to anyone. Bryan S. Hawkins
    "I never imagined when I reached out via the internet that I would ultimately be introduced to such a professional as Robert Boatright. Robert not only assisted in the selection of the right residence, he also understood the negotiating and contracting process from start to finish. That included the identification of other professional service providers such as home inspectors and contractors to evaluate maintenance issues. I would reach out to Robert again to handle any real estate related matters, as buyer or seller." Frank Pape 104 Secoffee Dr., Eatonton, GA
    Mr. Boatright is the best of the best. I am a builder/re-modeler in the area and deal with many real estate agents. We are lucky that in this area there are a lot of good agents but Robert stood out to me. He is honest. Sometimes meetings with agents and potential buyer get's a little tense, but Robert always tells me 'to tell the buyers 100% the truth to any questions they may have. That is what I have always done.' That really impressed me. He recently helped my but a lot in Reynolds Lake Oconee and did a great job. I will use him until he rides off into the sunset. A. Jones 1160 Callahans Ridge, Greensboro GA
    Robert Boatright is a leader in his field and a professional in every way. He really listened to us on what we were looking for and worked toward meeting all our family's needs with our lake home purchase. Everything from the location we desired to the floor plan was exactly like we had requested. He provided gently guidance and was never trying to convince us to do anything other than what we wanted. There were three of us thus, three people to please and he dealt beautifully from start until after closing with each one. I would definitely use him again and hope to repay him by sending other family and friends to work with him. Vickie Garrard, 1451 Morgan Drive, Buckhead, GA
    "Robert Boatright is the quintessential realtor! We were very impressed with his knowledge of the different communities and the lake itself. He took the time to understand our priorities and was very patient with our many questions. He gave us excellent advice when negotiating our purchase and kept us well informed every step of the way. He also provided us with a list of excellent preferred providers that saved us immeasurable time. We wholeheartedly recommend Robert Boatright!" Skip & Bonnie Gulliams, 1091 Horseshoe Drive, Greensboro
    We had been considering the idea of purchasing a second home at Lake Oconee for some time, however it had been almost 16 years since we purchased a home. Robert was the exact real estate professional we needed. From the very first phone call, he made himself available and treated us like royalty. He explained every detail about the process as we moved toward the closing and helped keep the process moving forward from every angle. He instinctively knew when to give us some time to process things, while always staying a step ahead ready to guide us through the next step with his efficient but never pushy style. Thank you Robert! We love our Lake House and are thankful to have worked with you! John and Laura Wasdin 1260 Cherokee Trail White Plains, GA
    I used Robert to sell my house in the Landing and had a great experience. He took the lead on pulling together a strategic plan on how to land a contract fast! I would recommend him any day if you are interested in moving property fast. James P Brown, 1101 Club Cove Dr., Greensboro, GA 30642
    "I have had 12 corporate relocation's coast to coast and upon second retirement choose Reynolds. I found a listing by Robert and checked him out only to find the best real estate experience ever with wife and myself. Here's what comes to mind, extremely professional-knowledgeable-balanced with very high rational and negotiation skills as well as great follow-up to every transitional need!!! He will be a great friend as we move back East from Arizona." Gary & Patty Moorhead - 1070 Oslin Place
    'Bottom Line: Robert got the job done! We only wish we had decided to have Robert list the house initially, but then we could not have fully appreciated the difference between a company that got nothing done for 5+ years and Robert, who signed on, paid attention to the listing and, then, sold our house in 90 days. We would use Robert's services again, without question.' James O'Neil - 1070 Oslin Place
    "We would highly recommend Robert! We were looking for our retirement home and had never purchased a home in Georgia. Robert has a vast knowledge for the area and was very helpful throughout the entire process. If there were any issues or questions that arose, Robert was very prompt with his response. In addition, Robert was very patient showing us many homes in different parts of the area. We felt comfortable with Robert as we trusted him and knew we were in good hands." Terrie Field, 184 Hopeton Lane, Eatonton, 31024

    My Experience

    • First Class Custmer Service
    • Golf & Lake Communities
    • Over 17 years of financial management experience in large public and small private companies.
    • Successfully negotiated large acquisitions, strategic alliances and divestitures that included real estate and manufacturing facilities as well as businesses and technologies.
    • E-Marketing Specialist
    • Previews International Property Specialist @ Coldwell Banker
    • Associate Broker & Realtor 2012 Top Producing Agent - Gold Award International President's Circle
    • Life Member of Multi-Million Dollar Club

    My Credentials and Memberships

    • Extensive work developing new business opportunities through Strategic Alliances, Acquisitions & Divestitures
    • Lead negotiations for large purchase and sales contracts including real estate, facilities and businesses
    • MS in Management - Florida State University BBA in Finance - The University of Georgia
    • COO/CFO - 12 yrs in private companies Controller/Analyst - 5 yrs in public corporations
    • 2012 Top Producing Agent - Gold Award
    • Life Member of Million Dollar Club

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