Creating an Ideal Home Office

    Creating an Ideal Home Office

    Mar 11, 2021

    Do you need to spruce up your current home office? Perhaps you are looking to move and need to find a home that has the right space for your home office. No matter the challenge, below are some ideas to help make that space more useful!

    Privacy and Space

    Deciding how much privacy you need will be a big factor in location of the office. Do you just need to send a few emails here and there or are you going to be sitting at the desk for a few hours at a time?

    Our favorite location is in a finished basement space, preferably with some sunlight coming through basement windows. This space is normally not a busy part of the house with family or decorations. Make sure to have good overhead lighting!

    Another option is to use a child's bedroom who no longer lives in the home or convert a guest bedroom. These spaces are great because there is normally a lot of natural light from the windows and the door adds privacy when needed.

    Just need to review a report or check an email? A standing desk in a walk in closet can work or the landing area at the top of your stairs could be a good option. Think about a 'Quiet Please' sign for the back of your chair in these open spaces.

    Safe and Organized

    Now that you have a location picked out, it's time to get the computer and all accessories connected. First, check the Wi-Fi signal to make sure that it is strong enough. If your signal is low, you may need an add on to improve the strength of signal. Check your electrical outlets and connections. I always recommend a surge protector on computer outlets, plus this will allow for a desk lamp and phone charger. Don't run extension cords to other rooms or overload a circuit by connecting near a utility room or bathroom.

    Small plastic containers with lids are great organizers for pens and sticky notes. Pick up a few at your local office store to keep things organized. You never know when a guest may stop by or if the kids get curious looking for a coloring device!

    Virtual Meeting Tips

    If you know that you'll be involved in multiple virtual meetings throughout your home office tenure, make sure to follow these guidelines to keep that professional look:

    • Virtual backgrounds are becoming popular and easily accessible. Take some time before that first call to make sure you get it set in place correctly
    • Keep your background simple. A nicely organized bookshelf or a few small pictures is perfect for giving that home feel without sacrificing professionalism.
    • Communicate meetings times and lengths with anyone else in the home, especially during late afternoon or evenings when end of day bustle is usually happening. This is a great time to use your Quiet Please sign on the front or garage entry door.
    • Always test your audio and video prior to the meeting to make sure everything looks up to standards before going live in the meeting

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