How to Close a "SOL" permit

    How to Close a "SOL" permit

    Sep 25, 2018

    Basic info for how to resolve permits not in a “Closed” status *** :


    Please email a letter containing the following information:


    ·    Explain hardship that caused the work to be delayed or otherwise incomplete (financial hardship, personal emergency, etc.)

    ·    Explain when you will be ready for your final inspection (we will determine if needed)


    Please make sure this is in a PDF format from Adobe so we are able to open it .


    If you are a company: This letter should be on your letter head and addressed to our Building Official. This must be Notarized. 


    Home-owner requests: can be received via formal email to our Building Official


    Please make sure the letter is in pdf form and attached to an email addressed to:


    Brought to a Permit Technician


    The building official will review your letter and determine whether or not to grant the extension. This process may take up to 10 business days.


    If it is granted, we will notify you of the fees assessed.  Fees must be paid prior to scheduling inspections (if needed). If inspections are not required the permit will be closed after payment of the fees.  


    How to pay online after it is invoiced:

    1.Use this link to get started

    2.Do not log in

    3.Enter the permit # in the top right search box

    4.choose the payment tab in the middle with fees

    5.Continue application when ask

    6.Email me back when it is done so I can close the permit or schedule the inspection.


    *** This information is NOT specific to the type/date/status of permits. Additional information MAY be required by the Building Official in order to make a determination.


    Christina Martin

    Permit Technician

    Central Permitting

    Pasco County

    P 727-847-8126

    8731 Citizens Dr. 

    New Port Richey, FL 34654

    group email for work request

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