Relocation Is Our Business:

    Relocation Is Our Business:

    May 28, 2019

    Whether relocating across TOWN, STATE, or across the NATION, Coldwell Banker has the national network in place to help you get in contact with the best REALTOR® for your individual needs – even if that means referring you to an agent whose broker is not affiliated with Coldwell Banker!

    My goal is to save you time and money regardless of where, when, or what type of real estate needs you may have. When you are ready to BUY or SELL any property outside my area of expertise, I can use our Relocation Division to make sure that you have an opportunity to work with the most experienced, knowledgeable, and successful agent currently available given your individual needs regarding location and purpose/type of property. Best of all, you are under no obligation to use any agent referred to you and there is never any added cost to you should you choose to work with an agent we refer you to.

    At Coldwell Banker we realize that everyone’s real estate needs are unique and can be especially challenging when distance or new areas are involved. In today's busy and sophisticated marketplace, it's very important that you are represented by a real estate professional who has the knowledge & expertise to handle your individual needs and situation. Our relocation services are designed to provide you with excellent BUYING and/or SELLING assistance regardless of where your next move takes you.

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