New Construction

    New Construction

    Nov 01, 2021

    Last summer a builder I had worked with in the past wanted to do some more homes if I would list them. Naturally I agreed. In the past we had done about 15 homes and it felt good to get started again! All his homes and this one too have been specs and all have sold before the Certificate of Occupancy was issued and this one did too!.

    The hard thing this time is prices for OSB and other products went crazy shortly after the foundation stage. The change in OSB alone added $25,000 to construction costs. But we got through. We listed in early Aug I think. (I like to list about the time sheetrock goes on as it slows down change orders.)

    Anyway we had a lot of showings and multiple offers and ended up going $25,000 over list price. Then the fun started... concrete kept moving their dates for doing the flat work. Appliances were back ordered 6o days, etc.

    But we worked through it and ended up with a great home in a great location and some very happy buyers! Here is a video of the final product

    We now have three more under construction... year is winding down on a strong note