What is My Property Worth in Today's Market?

    What is My Property Worth in Today's Market?

    Sep 14, 2021

    With the real estate market always changing, Sellers always want to know what the value of their home is.  Today, there are so many online ‘calculators’ and/or websites that claim they can offer you a current market value.  But were you aware that those are usually based only on data available through town government, many of which are not up to date? 

    Real estate markets are fluid.  That’s why full time real estate professionals follow the market day in and day out, and are therefore best suited to advise their Seller clients, about the worth of their home in today’s market.  We real estate professionals have access to the MLS where we can do a search of recent sales, pending sales, active listings, and more.  In addition, we are familiar with these properties, whereas town governments are not.  It is important to understand all of the MLS data in order to be provided with the most up to date information so you can make the best decision about when to put your house on the market, and what price to expect, and as a result, capitalize on the market you are in.

    Please feel free to contact me any time for a complimentary evaluation of your property - I am happy to help satisfy your curiosity, and any questions you may have.