4196 Detlor Rd: A love story for you to continue

    4196 Detlor Rd: A love story for you to continue

    Aug 24, 2018


    Hello friends, I wanted to share my seller's story with you. This is a really great home in a fabulous location just minutes from Topeka and Lawrence. You can check out the listing here

    4196 Detlor Rd.

    My listing photos just can't do it justice, but maybe Khrysti can explain how special this home is.

    We are the Jenkins' and we bought this house in December of 2014.  We have a large family and absolutely loved this home for all the space it offered. The layout was perfect with bedrooms on one side and the main entertaining area on another, so nice if you want to watch a movie or have some friends over after the kids (or other family members or guests) head off to bed.  We immediately set to work making this house a home.

    First, we had all brand new windows installed!  



    After that we gutted the kitchen, dining room and living room to the studs.




    We planned our dream kitchen for months!  We went to so many places looking at granite slabs to find just the right pieces. The cabinets were custom made for our home.  We picked out professional series appliances and had everything installed and ready to use in February 2015.












    The house was a foreclosure when we got it, so a few surprises popped up along the way.  We quickly learned that it had a little water problem. We hired a company to come in and put drain tile around the exterior of the house. We also had the foundation sealed and added extra insulation on the exterior.




     We had the yard graded and leveled.


    As a final step to guarantee a nice dry house we had a French drain and sump pumps put in. We have had ZERO issues and complete piece of mind since we had the work done.  


     * The lifetime guarantee will transfer to the new owner and all paperwork will be provided.   



    We worked hard taking out hideous old 1980’s carpet, discovering layers of awful wallpaper and ultimately stripping the walls down to the studs because it was easier than peeling off 3 layers of old wallpaper!   



    The laundry room layout was pretty bad

    so we rearranged and put in new cabinetry, flooring, sheetrock, etc.  





     Doing laundry now is almost fun!  




    The back deck was rotten and hazardous so we pulled it all out and built a MASSIVE Multi level deck with a bbq area, pool area AND huge gathering space with a gorgeous fireplace.  This was truly a labor of love and took quite a bit of time, but it was built very solid and will last!




    Both bathrooms were gutted  to the studs to get the 1970’s vibes out for good!  




      And we created 2 beautiful

    Spa-like environments. 


     Doors were definitely on the list of things to replace.


       We replaced the dark outdated entry door   


    and let the sunshine in.


     Then replaced the purple garage doors and  got new openers.



     In June of 2018 we finished up with brand new carpet installed in the upper level.  All of the upstairs bedrooms have original hardwood floors except the bathroom and bedroom with the door that opens to the deck.


    We hired a company to update with neutral paint throughout the entire home in June 2018 as well.


    The neighbors are all so nice and have helped at times with different projects we have had going on.


    We intended for this house to be our long term home. So we didn’t go cheap and use builder grade materials. We chose what we liked and spent the extra money on the tile, and other finishes.  We are moving now just because we only have 3 kids living at home full time and have an amazing opportunity in Florida waiting for us!


    We hope this is the home you have been waiting for.



    The Jenkins Family

    Thank you for letting me share that with you.




    Vicki Trembly, RealtorⓇ