Are Open Houses Effective in Our Digital World?

    Are Open Houses Effective in Our Digital World?

    Jan 19, 2018

    This is a question I hear many people as on a regular basis.

    My answer to this would be YES! Please see my bullet points below for my answer:

    • Reality vs. Perception - In the digital age we see so many photo-shopped pictures that look great. Wide angle lens can make the yard or living space appear bigger than it actually is. The idea behind internet marketing is to give a buyer an idea of what the property has to offer and encourage them to visit. Agents can disclose the true dimensions, but the space is all in how a floor plan is laid out.

    • Exposure, Exposure, Exposure! - Open house is a great way to let your neighbors and friends know that your house is on the market and ready to move in! Your neighbors may be your best selling feature. They may want to have some input on who they see putting an offer in on the house as potential new neighbors. The word of mouth approach is a strong one and neighbors usually love to talk to their friends looking to buy. Not only are your neighbors talking, but anyone seeing it on social media and third party real estate sites. When a property is marketed correctly for open house, it will stand out over the others because it is on open house.

    • Instant Gratification - Everyone is aware we live in a "Right Now" society. Buyers like the idea, if they are in the market, of seeing a property they might like for sale because of location and they can just walk right in and tour the property. Realtor signs, balloons, and flags are great attention-getters that draw people in to view the property.

    • The WOW Factor - The internet can only give you a piece of this "WOW' factor. The internet can show buers what the purchase price is, location, size, and features are, but to actually visualize placing furniture in the house,, walking through the property is most helpful. If their agent is unavailable on weekends, this is an opportunity for a buyer to come by at their convenience and your listing agent can follow up with their agent to make for a smooth transaction.

    If you are interested in selling your house, please feel free to reach out to me today and we will get you started and schedule your first open house once listed! I look forward to hearing from you! Brenda