Where did all the houses go?

    Where did all the houses go?

    Feb 26, 2018

    Wonder why you can't find a reasonably priced home

    on North Whidbey Island?

    The short answer: because there aren't many homes for sale.

    This chart is difficult to read, but what it shows is the number of homes priced under $300,000 in the Oak Harbor area (all of North Whidbey Island from Libbey Rd to Deception Pass). At the end of January 2018, it shows we had 36 single family homes for sale on North Whidbey priced under $300,000. By comparison, 5 years ago at the end of January 2013, we had 143 homes priced under $300,000 available!

    Anyone who says we don't have an affordable housing shortage is not facing reality.

    Here is that header picture in another format that is more readable, and below it is another chart that shows basically the same thing but uses a slightly different source:

    Information and statistics compiled and reported by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, Feb 2018.