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    The median home price in Breckenridge, CO is $2,095,000. Currently, there are 377 homes listed in Breckenridge which include 83 condos, 0 foreclosures. Get started by checking out the most popular home & the most saved home by Coldwell Banker homebuyers in the last 30 days. When you are ready to explore homes, read what Coldwell Banker agents have to say about Breckenridge and discover homes for sale in Breckenridge.

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    A little 'Diddy' about Breckenridge Real Estate! 01/10/2019
    BRECKENRIDGE From Breckenridge's beautiful village to its legendary skiing, there is so much fun to be had and memories to be made. It's our passion for embracing life's best moments that unites us here in this quaint Mountain Town. Here, we fill all four seasons with the best of the outdoors by offering a vibrant apres scene, culinary adventures, a buzzing night life and many more slope-side leisures. With luxury homes sprinkled throughout this mountain town as well as a wide variety of condos and townhomes, we are sure we can find the perfect fit for you. We welcome you to embrace our stellar outdoor playground filled with world class fly fishing, majestic alpine peaks and exceptional mountain biking trails. After all, we have found that sharing our passions together is much more fun than doing them alone. One of my favorite complexes in Breckenridge 08/03/2017
    Powderhorn Condominiums located just across the bridge from the QuikSilver ski lift is a winner! Elevator, underground parking, on the Blue River, walk to the ski lift, walk to town AND access to Columbine pool and hot tubs. This quiet complex truly has it all. Breckenridge Real Estate 11/18/2016
    Established in 1859 during the height of the mid-nineteenth-century Gold Rush, Breckenridge survived the heydays of gold prospecting and boomed once again in 1879 when other silver and lead carbonates were found. The town was incorporated in 1880. Since then, the town of Breckenridge has gone on to become the recreation centerpiece of Summit County. Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2009, Breckenridge has a little something for everyone. For the 4,700 permanent residents, Breckenridge offers an incomparable quality of life with an excellent school system, community programs, health care facilities, and ample shopping opportunities. Festive events bring over 3 million visitors per year from all over the world to experience a taste of what this amazing town has to offer. An all-season recreation and vacation destination, Breckenridge offers numerous other summer and winter events including: National Repertory Orchestra Concerts, Breckenridge Film Festival, Breckenridge Jazz Festival, Breckenridge Oktoberfest, Ullr Fest, International Snow Sculpture Championships and the Dew Tour.

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