Is Spring a Good Time To Sell?

    Is Spring a Good Time To Sell?

    Feb 24, 2020

    Spring is a popular time of year to sell a home in the North Country: people are getting ‘cabin fever’ and eager for something new after the long winter, plus the weather is a bit better for getting out and seeing not only the home, but the curb appeal it offers. With Daylight Savings starting on March 8th, there’s an extra hour of daylight for people who work during the day to check out homes after work. Tax returns also play a big part in home sales: that extra money in their bank account could be what it takes for a buyer to make a down payment on their dream home.

    The environment in 2020 seems a bit more predictable than in previous years, with home prices remaining strong but rising at a more moderate pace. Mortgage rates are expected to remain low throughout 2020, averaging under 4.00% for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. Interest rates are also expected to remain low throughout the year, which will help first-time home buyers obtain pricing for their first home purchase. Chances are if you’ve been in your current home a few years, you’ve built up some equity as property values have been increasing – this means you will likely see more profit when you sell the property.

    Have we convinced you? Then read on! The best way to prep your home for sale in the spring is to do an early spring cleaning – wash the windows, wash the walls, and vacuum every crevice! On a warmer day, consider cracking the windows to let some fresh air inside. Now is also a great time to paint walls and de-clutter your rooms or put non-essentials in storage. Spruce up your living spaces with some cute accents: colorful throw pillows, cozy throws, quirky picture frames, book ends, and faux succulents on a shelf are inexpensive things you can find at your local thrift store or HomeGoods / TJ Maxx / Michaels stores. Better yet, scour Facebook Marketplace for some great finds!

    The good news is we are currently in that “in between winter and spring” season, and NOW tends to be the BEST time to sell because the competition is low so your home will stand out as a contender in a smaller pool to pick from. And new buyers are still looking – in fact we currently have more buyers than inventory so if you’ve been thinking about selling, chances are we have a buyer for your home!

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