Realtor Safety Tips: Winter Driving

    Realtor Safety Tips: Winter Driving

    Dec 02, 2019

    Real estate professionals often spend quite a bit of time in the car, and during the winter months this can present a variety of challenges.

    East Tennessee may experience various rounds of winter weather and it can make travel dangerous for folks, especially when it brings precipitation that freezes or accumulates on roadways.

    When roadways present a danger, it’s best to say home. But colder weather can still bring challenges even if there’s no snow or ice.

    It’s important for real estate pros to take time to ensure their safety by winterizing their cars and putting together a winter car kit for use in case of emergencies.

    Here are a few car care tips for staying safe while driving in winter.

    Check under the hood-

    Make sure your battery is charged, spark plugs are working, and ensure your air and fuel filters are clean.

    Have your brakes inspected to feel confident that they are up to the task of stopping hard in winter conditions. Check your wiring and your hoses; make sure they’re intact.

    Regular oil changes and tune-ups are also a necessity during winter months when cold winds are blowing.


    Another way you can prep your car for winter driving is to remember the importance of tires in winter. Make sure they have deep enough tread to do the job. Additionally, make sure they’re properly inflated.

    Gas tank-

    This might seem pretty simple, but ending up stranded on the side of the road is nothing to tempt fate about. Fill your gas tank before you do any lengthy driving and before going into an area you’re not familiar with. You don’t want to run out of gas and get stranded in freezing weather.

    Make an emergency kit-

    Keep a few things in the trunk to help you out of a jam. A shovel, jumper cables, a bag of kitty litter or sand (for getting traction), flashlight, first aid kit, road flares, and maybe an extra warming layer or wool blanket.

    Of course this is a very basic kit. Take the time to customize yours to your personal needs and wants should you find yourself stuck out in winter time.

    Follow these basic tips and you’ll have a much safer winter driving experience.