Incorporate Good Luck in Your Home Decor

    Incorporate Good Luck in Your Home Decor

    Apr 09, 2018

    St. Patrick’s Day is passed, but whether or not you believe in good luck or just want to get in on the fun of the season, here are a few creative ways to incorporate some of good luck into your home decor.

    Hang A Horseshoe-

    Since ancient times and in many different cultures, hanging a horseshoe over your front door has been a way to bring good fortune into your home. The proper way to hang it seems to be based on who you ask; some say open end down means good luck falls on you, while others say open end up catches good luck for you. You probably really can’t go wrong as long as it’s over your door.


    Elephants are one of the smartest and strongest members of the animal kingdom and are revered in many cultures the world over. They’re also considered among the most caring and empathetic, especially when it comes to caring for their young. Incorporate some elephant-themed decor into your house for good luck in the form of an elephant sculpture or other decorative wall art.


    What’s more in keeping with St. Patrick’s Day than the shamrock? The image of the shamrock is sure to bring a little luck of the Irish into your home. A tree of life knot in the shape of a shamrock will not only add some charm to your decor, but also create a lovely addition to your home.

    Three Keys Together-

    Three keys together on a ring are considered lucky because they symbolize health, wealth, and love. Keys are a trendy decorative item to use in your home and you can find great vintage keys at antique stores and second-hand shops. Maybe you even have some antique skeleton keys that you inherited from a relative. Whatever keys you choose, you can leave them as is for some rustic charm, or paint them your favorite colors and find a place on your wall for them.

    Lucky Number Seven-

    The number seven has been attached to good luck in many cultures throughout history. You can incorporate it into your home decor in all kinds of clever ways. Paint a number seven according to your personal style on some canvas and put it in a cool frame. Or you can also incorporate the number seven by creating a grouping of seven things that make you smile, like seven seashells picked up on your last beach vacation. For good luck, you can’t beat lucky number seven.

    Find your favorite way to bring a little luck into your home this year!