How to De-Clutter Your House in the New Year

    How to De-Clutter Your House in the New Year

    Dec 04, 2017

    The new year means resolutions for everything from your diet to how you spend your hard earned money. But do you ever make resolutions concerning your home? Did you know an organized home can lower your stress level and make your home more efficient? Maybe this year’s resolutions can include one for making the place you live more organized.

    Here are some simple tips for getting your home organized in the new year.


    Most of us have a lot of stuff in our homes that we don’t, and never will use for anything. It could be clothes, electronics, kitchen appliances, even furniture. Take a stroll through your home and pick out the stuff you don’t need or want. If you’re not using it, chances are you won’t miss it. There are several options for getting rid of household items, from selling it to donating it.

    After you de-clutter your home, there's a good chance you’ll immediately feel a greater sense of peace. But this isn't just something you can do once and never think about again. Consider how your home got cluttered in the first place. Maybe you need to try to change some of your overzealous buying habits. Once you’ve accomplished the successful purge, be extra thoughtful about what you bring into your home.

    Rethink Your Storage Methods-

    Have you ever looked around your house and thought nothing is where it’s supposed to be? Think about how you’re storing the stuff in your home. Are your coats all on hangers and in the “coat” closet? Are your shoes neatly lined up under your bed or in racks in your closet or are they strewn throughout your house? Are your bathroom closets a messy jumble of towels and linen?

    A good rule of thumb is this: "A place for everything, and every thing in its place." It seems simple, and it is. But this simple method can save you a lot of stress and headache around the house. Need to maximize your storage options? Consider dividers in drawers and risers in your closets. Look at how you're storing things and find a way to make it more effective and efficient. There are containers available for nearly everything under the sun. Of course, running out and buying a bunch of plastic storage bins may not be the answer for everyone. Put some real thought into it and you’ll come up with some storage methods that fit your life and your stuff.

    Think Seasonal-

    Your wardrobe can be divided by seasons and stored away when not in use. Why contend with your abundant sweater collection while you’re searching your closet for the perfect sundress this spring? There’s plenty of other stuff you can also store away based on the time of year. You don’t need your space heater in summer or your rotating fan in winter. The pool gear, snow sleds, galoshes, snow shovels, and garden hose can all be stored neatly away until you need them.


    There’s a time honored solution for storing your children’s toys: the old fashioned toy box. You can even teach your kids organizational skills by having them group specific types of toys in specific boxes. You can also use an ottoman or a trunk used as a coffee table for storing toys in the living room.

    Have you ever heard of the 5 Minute Clean Up Method? There's even a catchy song that you can play during clean up time! This is a great way to teach family members of all ages about just how much you can accomplish in a short time for clean up.

    Find Unused Spaces for Storage -

    No matter how large or small your home may be, there's a good chance it has some form of unused space that would be perfect for storage. Maybe there's a spot under the stairway that’s perfect for building shelves or even a hidden storage area. Think outside the box and look for ways to maximize your space. An unused cabinet or shelf, or maybe an area in the garage could be the perfect place for storing holiday decorations, pet supplies, cleaning supplies, or even children’s toys.

    Getting your home organized is a great way to increase the peace and serenity in your life. Start getting your home squared away today!