Ways to Show Courtesy and Be a Good Neighbor

    Ways to Show Courtesy and Be a Good Neighbor

    Sep 21, 2020

    Here at Coldwell Banker Wallace, we take pride in being good neighbors in our community. We've been part of the East Tennessee landscape for more than 80 years and being a good neighbor is just part of our culture.

    September is National Courtesy Month, and Sept. 28th is Good Neighbor Day and we thought this would be a good opportunity to focus on some ways to show courtesy and be a better neighbor all through the year! Here’s a few tips to maximize your daily acts of kindness.

    Lend a Hand-

    Maybe you have a neighbor who isn't able to tend to their yard or garden due to an illness or other life situation. This is a great opportunity to show some neighborly love and ask them if you can pitch in.

    Other ways to lend a hand to neighbors are by running small errands, picking up their mail when they travel or even watering plants while they are away.

    Drop a Note or Give a Call-

    We're all so connected these days with social media and other devices, but sometimes it's nice to receive an old fashioned handwritten note or phone call.

    You may have neighbors whose family or friends don't live nearby and simply by being friendly and letting them know you are there, you can spread some neighborly love.

    Behind The Wheel-

    It's especially important to be courteous while driving in your neighborhood. Respect the rules of the road. Stop for people at crosswalks and wave to signal you see them. Let other people go ahead of you if you reach a four way stop at the same time.

    Is there a speed limit? Be sure to follow it. Are there signs for children at play or pedestrian crossing? Respect these and make sure to be a good neighbor, for the safety of all your neighbors as well as visitors!

    Make/Take a Meal-

    There's nothing like a home-cooked (or at least delivered) meal when life gets hectic. Maybe you know there's a neighbor who needs this, but would never come out and ask for it. Reach out and offer to drop off dinner for them.

    Chances are, when you find yourself in the same situation, they will return the favor.

    You’ll find it’s very rewarding to offer a little courtesy to the people who live near you. It will make your neighborhood a happier, friendlier place. Give it a try!