Selling or Staying? Get Your Home Ready for Spring

    Selling or Staying? Get Your Home Ready for Spring

    Jan 31, 2018

    March means spring is finally here, and this is a great time to tackle a few things around the house. Whether you're getting ready to sell your home or plan to live in it for several more years, March is the month to do some of those chores you've been putting off.

    Give Your Outside a Once Over-

    Give your home's exterior a thorough once over to make sure you don't have any damage from winter weather. Winter elements like snow, ice, rain, and wind can wreak havoc on your roof, gutters, and trim. If you do have any damage, it's good to catch it early so it doesn’t get any worse. March means weather is warming up and days are getting longer, so this is also a great time to start prepping outdoor spaces like patios and porches for spring. You may want to get a pressure washer and knock out built up dirt, stains and grime.

    If you're thinking about listing your home this spring, curb appeal is everything! Attracting would-be buyers is all about making that important first impression. Don't neglect your home's exterior when getting ready to list and sell.

    Show the Kitchen Some Love-

    The kitchen is more than likely the heart of your home. That means it probably gets its fair share of use. Really spend some time deep cleaning your kitchen, especially the nooks and crannies you may have neglected during winter. Appliances, backsplashes, outlets, and light fixtures can all use a simple wipe down once in awhile. You can also take some time to pull out your kitchen appliances and clean behind and underneath them. The floor under your fridge and stove will thank you. And speaking of stove, March is the perfect time to clean it.

    Planning to sell your home soon? Many real estate experts believe kitchens can literally make or break the sale of your house. Take a good hard look at details like flooring, fixtures, and faucets. Your real estate pro can advise you on what to update or what projects will give you the most bang for your buck.

    Plan & Create Ideal Outside Spaces -

    The best way to perk up your home's exterior is with plants and flowers. Right now you can start researching some of your favorite shrubs and blooms so that when warmer weather arrives, you'll be ready to plant. Pick out your favorite flowers and design a garden.

    Spring is also the perfect time to plant trees and bushes. Maybe make a path through your backyard, start building a hedge row, or even a privacy fence.

    Outdoor spaces are very popular among home buyers these days. Often, a great patio, deck or porch can provide more living space during milder months of the year. Your home isn't just about what's inside the four walls. Consider your lawn, garden and other areas as selling points when thinking about listing your home.

    Look at Overlooked Spaces like Attics & Basements-

    Are your home's storage areas such as attics and basements packed to the brim? Maybe your garage is overflowing with stuff from the holiday season. These spaces are great for storage, but disorder and lack of organization can keep you from enjoying their full potential.

    Do some spring cleaning and considering donating items you don't need or use anymore. You may also want to tackle closets inside your home.

    Closet and storage space is important when selling a home. Potential buyers want to be able to envision their stuff in a space. This is impossible to do when the home or property is packed with the seller's belongings. If planning to sell your home this spring, give it a good cleaning out to free up some space.

    Thinking about selling your home? Spring is the best time of year.

    We're experiencing a seller's market, which is good news for would-be sellers. However, your home may need some TLC before it's ready to list. A real estate professional who understands the market as well as the industry can advise you on how to get the maximum return on your investment when tackling projects around the house. And in the meantime, if you're thinking about putting your home on the market, check out these additional tips to show it some love while adding value before you sell.

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