How is a Real Estate Agent like an Olympic Coach?

    How is a Real Estate Agent like an Olympic Coach?

    Jul 26, 2021

    The 2021 Summer Olympics are finally here. The best athletes from all over the world will compete for the gold. But these competitors didn’t make it to the Olympics all by themselves. Each one had a dedicated coach in their corner to guide them and help them make the right decisions to achieve their goals. Not unlike a coach who helps an athlete train for Olympic gold, a good real estate professional helps his or her clients achieve the success they seek in buying or selling a home.

    How is a REALTOR like a coach? Check out these ways the two are very similar.

    A Good Real Estate Pro Understands the Preparation Process -

    Nobody ever just wakes up one day and says "I want to go to the Olympics this year." Athletes from all over the world train for years, often their entire lives for a shot at competing on the world stage. Just like the training and preparation that goes into an athletic event, the process of buying or selling a home requires some prep and planning too.

    A good real estate professional understands the process that buying or selling a home requires and can advise you on how to approach the experience so you will have the best results.

    A Good Real Estate Pro Stays Positive-

    Life is unpredictable and there are always set-backs. We've heard the reports about some of the heat-related issues in Tokyo, including athletes, volunteers and officials fainting. But a good coach stays positive and helps his or her athletes remain positive as well. A good real estate professional is the same way.

    Finding the perfect house to buy or the right seller for your home isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes these things can feel impossible. But like a good coach who keeps an athlete’s spirits up, a dedicated Realtor hangs in there until they find the right house for their client or the right seller to buy their client's house. And they never, ever let their client doubt for one minute that it’s going to happen.

    A Good Real Estate Agent Is Dedicated-

    A good coach doesn’t give up on their athletes because things get tough. Neither does a good real estate agent. A good agent know that some situations present various challenges. They know some deals are a bit trickier to navigate. Some clients are harder to please and even downright frustrating at times. But a good agent doesn’t give up on the tough ones. They stick it out to the end and help their clients experience success.

    A Good Real Estate Pro Must Lead-

    A good coach has no problem letting their athletes know they are the coach. They demand their athletes listen and take heed of their experience. A real estate agent must do the same thing. A good agent makes sure their client understands they know what their doing and they can be trusted to lead them in the right direction. And ultimately to victory.

    A Good Real Estate Agent Helps You Stay Ahead of the Competition -

    When you are selling your home, you are basically competing for buyers with all the other homes currently on the market. A good real estate pro understands the market and knows how to position your property to be ahead of the competition. From staging and curb appeal to pricing and marketing, your real estate agent can help get your property in front of the right buyers.

    If you are looking to buy a home, you are competing with all the other buyers out there for the available properties. In the same way a coach helps his athletes understand the competition and stay ahead of the game, so does a great real estate agent. They are with you every step of the way from finding properties to making offers, negotiations and sealing the deal.

    A Good Real Estate Agent Celebrates Your Victories with You -

    How many times have you seen the excitement and joy on a coach's face when his or her athletes bring home the gold? It's almost as if the coach himself felt the same level of joy and pride as the athlete. A good real estate professional is exactly the same way, celebrating each victory with you every step of the way.

    Whether you are closing on the sale of your current home or getting the keys to your new one, your real estate agent understands how you are feeling and will be right there to help you celebrate your success.

    As you watch the Olympic Games in Tokyo, consider all the coaches who helped the athletes get where they are. And when you're ready to buy or sell your home, look for the same qualities in a real estate agent. You will be glad you did!