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    Team Gauze, Inc. Team Gauze, Inc. Licensed Realtors w/Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group YOU are UNIQUE...YOUR reason for reading this BIO is PERSONAL to YOU! TEAM GAUZE is DIVERSE...our knowledge is OVER 70 YRS...TEAMED WITH COLDWELL BANKER (FOUNDED IN 1906)...WE HAVE YOU COVERED... "Team Gauze...A Trusted Tradition of Excellence" · YOU will be "in the know... · YOUR calls will be handled quickly · YOU will know WE LIVE and LOVE our work! Our APPROACH to NEGOTIATI...ONS is GROUNDED IN FACTS AND ANALYSIS; we analyze the changing market...Our BUYERS are positioned as STRONG AND QUALIFIED in the eyes of the SELLER; our SELLERS are positioned with houses READY to meet BUYER'S needs....AND prepared to do action...SELLING! We give you HONEST feedback, negative as well as positive, ENABLING YOU to make DECISIONS based on facts, not fantasy. We see A SOLUTION...make it HAPPEN! BUYING or SELLING a home... an intensely COMPLEX process filled with minute DETAILS and DEADLINES can be very challenging for a LONE AGENT...TEAM GAUZE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASES THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL with NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! WE UNDERSTAND different points of view...WE EMPATHIZE AND EMPOWER ALL OUR CLIENTS and APPLY THE GOLDEN RULE TO ALL! WE LOVE BRINGING PEOPLE AND PROPERTIES together...CLIENTS...SERVICE PROVIDERS...those that HELP US MAKE YOU "AT Home" again! YOU CAN COUNT ON TEAM GAUZE TO DELIVER THE RESULTS YOU ARE SEEKING Less More

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