What We Are Worth

    What We Are Worth

    Jul 12, 2021

    By Becky Huebner, REALTOR®

    In my last column I spoke to the question of what a property is worth. This month I am following up with a similar question; what an agent is worth.


    In conversing with a former, and prospective, client recently, I realized that I had not done a great job helping him understand what he is paying for. In this current sellers’ market, he wondered if my services were worth the money.


    My commission allows me to market the property appropriately, treat agents and clients fairly, and most importantly, get to closing with the greatest possible net dollar in my sellers’ pockets.

    To name just a couple of ways this occurs:


    • By helping sellers evaluate and select the best offer to work with. This is a big deal, much bigger than many sellers (especially those selling privately) realize. It has great bearing on the final outcome both in terms of likelihood of actually closing and the amount of the proceeds when it does.
    • By getting the property from under contract to closed. This, too, is more involved than meets the typical sellers’ eyes.

    In short, you are paying for a whole lot more than the clock hours on a transaction (Although they are more than you might imagine).  You are paying for a body of knowledge, experience and expertise brought to your transaction table. When you least expect it, you need it the most. Insurance claims, repairs that do or don’t happen, liens on title, structural surprises, surprising appraisal opinions, sudden life changes and more pop up more frequently than you might expect, and on the most unlikely properties. When they do, we quality professionals are equipped to keep this moving forward.

    My client hired me again, is now under contract, and soon will have a more than satisfactory check. I believe, and he concurs, that his check is bigger, and came more quickly by working with me. As they say, you tend to get what you pay for. This client, and many others would say, they got even more. You can take that to the bank.