No House is Ordinary

    No House is Ordinary

    Oct 25, 2021

    By Paula Randall, REALTOR®

    Do you think you live in an ordinary house?

    Have you ever thought about what it takes to construct a house? It takes lumber, metal, concrete, glass, plastic, wire, chemicals, stone, and so much more.

    What does it take to create the lumber? First, trees have to grow to the appropriate size, which can take many years. This process also requires saws to cut down trees, equipment to haul the logs, and mills to transform the logs into 2x4’s, 4x6’s, etc. What materials does it take for the saws, trucks and mills?

    Who does it take to construct a house? It takes an architect, a contractor, builder, roofer, plumber, electrician, landscaper, inspector, painter, HVAC technician, and many more people. All of these positions require a certain degree of schooling or training.

    What is needed to train these individuals? A mother and father to give life and raise the child, a teacher, a school, an internship/apprenticeship, and employers, to name a few.

    Taking a step back and looking at every aspect of building a house shows how complex and extraordinary each individual house is. Many of the things we enjoy each day are a result of teamwork and collaboration. Extraordinary results are produced by individuals doing “ordinary” work. We touch each other’s lives in ways we don’t recognize every second of every day. What you do matters!

    It's mind blowing to stop and think about how truckers, farmers, factory workers, retail employees, owners, managers and almost every industry provide goods and services that we benefit from.

    Not only do we live in extraordinary homes; we have extraordinary lives! We have the things we need and want because of each other’s hard work. It’s quite a revelatory concept when you really think about it.

    Is it time to trade your extraordinary home for a larger or smaller one? I’d love to help you with the selling or purchasing process.

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