Easy Moving for Kids

    Easy Moving for Kids

    May 24, 2021

    By Sam Johnson, REALTOR®

    Everyone knows that right now is just a crazy time to put your home on the market. It can be even crazier when you have small children! Those poor kiddos do not quite understand why they have to clean up all their toys. And they struggle with trying to figure out how to play and keep their rooms clean for showings.


    The one thing that can best help make a move a little easier on your younger kids is to sit them down and explain what will be happening. Then give them something to do that can help with the move! I usually recommend to my sellers with small kids that they have the kids pick a tote that will fit under their bed and only keep the toys that will fit into that tote. Whenever someone is going to be coming for a showing, they can throw all their toys into the tote and slide it under their bed for a quick and easy clean.

    The kids’ toys that do not fit into the tote under their bed should be packed. If you think about it, you’ll be boxing those toys up either way because you are moving. If you make it a game, it will help them to adapt to the situation while still making it fun!

    Remember moving does not have to be stressful if you can keep organization at the center of your packing. My clients have found that labeling while packing is an easy way to ease stress! Label boxes using a color-coded system. Each room gets a specific color (ie. Primary bedroom gets green, kitchen gets red, kid #1 bedroom gets blue, etc.).

    Give the people helping you move a cheatsheet of the colors. Friends or movers can keep the color-coded boxes together. This works for moving boxes out of your old home then into your new. Spare your frustrations and keep that organization in the forefront of your mind!

    I’m a big fan of organization that eases anxiety and stress. Give me a call if you’d like assistance with a stress-free home sale, home purchase, and move.

    Sam Johnson, Realtor®