Introducing Peter Tagliere

    Introducing Peter Tagliere

    Apr 19, 2021

    Welcome to our "Monday Meet Up" where you will get a chance to get to know all of our agents at Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates. In getting to know our agents you will learn why they decided on a career of Real Estate, why Coldwell Banker Jim Henry, what they do for fun, a little about their family and so much more.

    So here we go.....

    Peter is one of our newest Coldwell Banker Agents. He chose Coldwell Banker Jim Henry because the office has always made him feel like family, even before he was an agent. He has always had great support from the other agents and the administrative help in the office. Real Estate had always been in the back of his mind as something he had always wanted to do but forged through life with other pursuits. He currently is an Auto Mechanic and has been for many years. Originally from the Chicago area Pete and his family has lived in Tennessee for 15 years.

    Peter is currently married for 21 years with 2 wonderful kids. One of which will graduate from Rockwood High School this year. He enjoys hiking and discovering the outdoors and all things nature. His favorite holiday is Christmas and he loves a good ole fashion hot coffee with cream and sugar.

    You can find Pete online at and on Facebook and other social media outlets @petertagliererealtor.

    Peter Tagliere