Introducing Trampus Ward

    Introducing Trampus Ward

    Feb 08, 2021

    Welcome to our "Monday Meet Up" where you will get a chance to get to know all of our agents at Coldwell Banker Jim Henry & Associates. In getting to know our agents you will learn why they decided on a career of Real Estate, why Coldwell Banker Jim Henry, what they do for fun, a little about their family and so much more.

    So here we go.....

    Our fist agent to introduce is Trampus Ward. 

    Trampus decided on a career of Real Estate because he enjoys working with people and has always admired buildings, their construction, designs and features. By combining his two favorite things it sounded like a dream to him... Not a job! He decided to join CBJHA because they are well established and a well known name in East Tennessee. Always considering CBJHA to be the go to Real Estate agency in our area. 

    "The agents are a great group of diverse and interesting people. Everyday is an adventure with this crew" Trampus stated

    Trampus listed and sold his first property 3 years ago in 2017. He felt it was honor helping his first client, Vickie Hendrickson, who he has known his whole life. We asked Trampus about his first Real Estate Experience and this was his answer...

    " A long time family friend asked me to list one of their rental properties in Harriman. It was my first listing. We recieved an offer, accepted, and closed within a month. Since that time, I have been privileged to remain the Hendrickson's go to Realtor and have sold several other properties for them"

    When asked about the first time her purchased Real Estate he told us he bought his first home in a foreclosure action. He had to work the day of the auction so his Papaw ward went for him. He only had $5,000 to put down and hoped to get it for no more than $50,000. When his Papaw came back he told Trampus he got the property for under $50,000. He later found out the his Papaw took his own money in case he needed more, he was not going to let him loose that house.

    "I have traveled a lot in my life. But there is no place like home. And home is Roane County"

    Trampus has lived in Roane County his entire life. After attending Roane State Trampus went to work at Brushy Mountain State Prison. He later landed with the Department of Energy on Oak Ridge, where he has been for 20 years. He finally decided to chase his dream of Real Estate in 2017. When he is not working he enjoys golf, the lake, family and friends.

    Trampus is married to Jill Brock Ward and he has a stepson, Brantly. Brantly is a Real Estate agent in Knoxville and Jill is working to get her license and hopes to begin selling in the spring. His Proudest moment is when his son made him a Papaw. 

    "Rylan Michael Diggs is a handsome boy and Papaw Wars is excited to spoil him for the rest of his life."

    Trilley is his and Jills boxer pup, a daddy girl through and through. He doesn't believe she understands that she isn't people. She believes she is a princess and she acts accordingly. 

    We also asked Trampus a few fun facts about himself and he told us he does not drink coffee quoting

    "Coffee is for grown ups. I's still to young for the hard stuff."

    His next Fun Fact is that his favorite holiday is the 4th of July. When asked why he enjoys the 4th of July he responded...

    "Its summer, the water is warm, we are celebrating our countries independence, and there are always fireworks."

    When asked What sets you apart for others he responded...

    "Helping you sell or buy a home isnt my job. It's my privilege. And I approach business with that philosophy. When we leave the closing table, I want to feel like I made the entire process easy, stress free, and maybe even enjoyable. You're not a client. You're a friend."

    In closing we asked him about his favorite apps and anything else he would like to share with everyone. This was his response....

    " of course. It isnt an app, but it is available on mobile devices and i have built a comprehensive and customizable search process to help you find your dream home, retirement home or next investment. Check it out."

    "Many of us are going through the craziest time in our life, right now. Between the politics, pandemic, and uncertainty, we can tend to feel more stress and pressure than ever before. Now, more than ever, is the time to reflect on all the good in our day to day life. I have been blessed with a great family, amazing friends, a career I enjoy, and I am thankful every day. There is always a reason to smile."