Four Local Restaurants You can Support Today

    Four Local Restaurants You can Support Today

    Apr 09, 2020

    Local restaurants all over the country are struggling to stay open during nation-wide closings and quarantines. While some have to financial capital or creative solutions to continue making a profit, many are being forced to close their doors to the dismay of long-time customers.

    Northwest Arkansas is unique in that the vast majority of loved and well-known restaurants are small local ones, and they are almost all being forced to keep up with the changing demand or halt business altogether. In an effort to come alongside some of these establishments as they seek to stay afloat, we wanted to highlight four amazing local restaurants that are still open and responsibly offering takeout and curbside pickup options.

    Thep Thai- Fayetteville

    Northwest Arkansas is famous for a diverse selection of authentic Asian food. Bentonville for Indian food, and Fayetteville for Thai food, specifically. Sala Thai, Taste of Thai, and Thai E San are extremely popular options for locals craving a spicy takeout option. Thep Thai, however, steals the show for many regarding authenticity and atmosphere.

    Located in South Fayetteville off of S. School Avenue, Thep Thai’s atmosphere radiates authenticity the moment you step in the door. The smell of curries, spicy sauces and home-grown Thai chilies wafting in from their on-site garden will have your mouth watering before you are even seated.

    Although you might not be able to see their beautiful interior or Thai spice garden, this local favorite is still open for pickup or drive-thru service. Help this family stay in business by ordering one of their famous takeout options tonight! You can check out their hours and find their location here.

    Fratelli’s Wood-Fired Pizza-Siloam Springs

    Fratelli’s in Siloam Springs, besides being a local favorite, provides you the quintessential pizzeria experience you’ve always wanted. While artisan, fancy pizza’s have their place within the family of delicious Italian options, there is something to be said about a straight forward, no-nonsense pizza made with love.

    Founders and local residents Don and Tracey Lurie make their own dough by finely grinding flour they have imported from Italy. They then cook the pizza made to order in an extremely hot wood-fired oven, add some of their signature sauce made from Italian plum tomatoes and send it your way!

    If your mouth is watering, we’ve got good news for you! Fratelli’s is offering free delivery from 4:30-7:30 Tuesday through Saturday as well as curbside pickup. Support this local business by grabbing the best pizza Siloam Springs has to offer, today! Find out more about their hours and location here.

    Osaka Sushi-Rogers

    Sushi is one of the most widely available and popular options for the takeout enthusiast. Osaka Sushi is unique in this respect, being the only Japanese and Sushi restaurant in the Rogers/Lowell area. Sushi might be the most popular takeout option, but freshness and quality are rare gems across the wide spectrum of restaurants. Rest assured, Osaka is aware of this dilemma and is dedicated to bringing you the freshest, best tasting sushi in Northwest Arkansas.

    Their website, which you can visit here offers beautiful photos that serve as visual proof of their dedication to excellence for their customers.

    Osaka offers many options for pickup and delivery on their website, so you can support a local business and enjoy some fancy sushi in the safe cleanliness of your own home!

    The Preacher’s Son- Bentonville

    The Preacher’s Son is a Bentonville classic. Located just off the square in a beautiful old church building, this restaurant offers a classic and unique experience for patrons. Their menu is about as exciting as their atmosphere, and they offer an impressive selection of unique signature cocktails to accompany the food. What is even more exciting is that they prepare their food with ethical diners in mind.

    Preacher’s Son mindfully uses ingredients sources from local farmers, so the benefits of your business extend beyond their walls! Although you cannot appreciate the restored church building, right across the street from where head chef Matthew Cooper’s father preached his first sermon, you can still purchase a classy, ethically-spruced meal for takeout! Make your dollar exponential in purpose by ordering your next meal at Preacher’s Son! Check out their website here for more information.

    One of the best ways we can sustain our fellow Northwest Arkansas is by shopping at the local businesses that keep our community fun and unique. Getting to give back to the places we love, establishments that make this area so popular and life-giving, is a huge opportunity that no one should miss out on.

    Do you own a local restaurant? Leave it in the comments below! Have any more questions regarding a wider selection of options? Contact one of our locally-minded agents, any of whom would be happy to help you!